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Ilse Crawford is a designer whose work I greatly admire and I have owned and loved her previous books (Home is where the heart is? and Sensual Home) since they were published. A Frame for Life is her most recent book and is a wonderful insight into her work, the thinking behind the projects and her considered and inspiring views on interior design.

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 2

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 3

The book contains an introduction written from the heart, and I have to say that I have rarely read a piece about the interior design process with which I agree more. She talks, as an example, of the importance of starting with an understanding of how the inhabitants of a space will use it, what they need from it and bring to it, and how they will interact with it. She then goes on to show exactly the impact this understanding had on various interiors she has designed and implemented in both commercial and residential spaces.

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 4 Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 5

Within the book, there is an interview with Edwin Heathcote probing further into Ilse’s design views and she is marvelously frank and unreserved – her answer to the thorny question posed by Heathcote of “This might sound like a stupid question but is there a difference between interior design and architecture, and if so, what is it?” is inspired.

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 6

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life

As well as there being lots to read and ponder in this beautiful book, it is also loaded with glorious images of project work (including Ilse’s own London home) which not only illustrate Ilse’s design philosophy but also provide a visual feast for our interior-loving eyes.

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 7

A Frame for Life is published by Rizzoli, 2014

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