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After being added to Netflix recently, it reminded me that I must watch The Danish Girl again, for both the heart-warming and heart-breaking story and for the interiors. The Danish Girl tells a story loosely based on two painters, Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener, of which Lili went through one of the first gender reassignment surgeries. The film is set in the mid-1920s in Copenhagen, a wonderfully moody and beautiful setting for the story.

As well as the interiors, we also get a beautiful view of the misty fish monger markets and lovely exterior shots. Below, an absolutely lovely view of a street full to the brim of yellow painted houses, a real sight for sore eyes.

The inside of Einar and Gerda’s apartment is a beautiful hazy blue, with lovely detailing everywhere. Their studio has moody, charismatic charm, the perfect cool, sparse setting for artists.

Their bedroom is a darker blue, with beautiful internal windows creating a stylish and intriguing feature. While the furniture in the bedroom is made of dark woods; the ornate, gothic detailing of the bed gives it grandeur, while the softer, bohemian linens and pillows create an interesting combination.

Here you can see some gorgeous pieces of furniture, I love the two toned nature of the wood and how it works wonderfully with the blue walls.

While in Copenhagen we also see another beautiful setting, with a touch more flamboyance this time; the backstage area of a theatre where a party is being hosted celebrates the arts with hanging ballerina’s tutus as decoration. A charming and highly effective way to give the room charisma and personality.

The Danish Girl is a lovely film, and full of beautiful interiors, and a great way to spend one of these cold evenings watching.

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