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We have been doing some work with the lovely marketing team at Victoria and Albert Baths recently and I have been completely won over by their beautiful products. They are all made from Quarrycast which is their own product developed from volcanic limestone and resin and the designs are really stunning.

V and A Amalfi

The Amalfi bath – so comfortable!

v and a cabrits

This is the Cabrits bath – designed to offer support however tall or um, wide you are. They call it ‘the I told you so’ bath because it doesn’t look comfortable until you get in it, and then you get it. I am a convert!

V and A Toulouse

The elegant Toulouse bath with one of their basins in the background.


And while we are on a bathroom theme, the House of Hackney have brought out some new products (hurrah we say) – as gorgeous and stylish as ever, I am, as ever with House of Hackney, spoilt for choice.

House of Hackney 4

Palmeral in Green and White

House of Hackney 2

and in Azure and White

House of Hackney 1

Or the fabulous Panthera design – I love it!

House of Hackney 3

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