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A few years back, Angel + Blume had the wonderful illustrator Angela McKay draw the exterior of our office in her painterly style, which we still love and use today.

The Angel + Blume office by Angela McKay

Her style perfectly shows off the quirkiness of Cambridge, and she’s recently done some illustrations of some of Cambridge’s most iconic buildings, which we thought we’d share with you.

King’s College by Angela McKay

Cambridge is filled with some amazing architecture, like King’s College Chapel, which means every route tends to be the scenic route. Here, Angela depicts the grand stature of King’s chapel from a side alleyway, a great way to capture the essence of Cambridge.

I love the way Angela’s style tones down the neo-classical, imperial architecture and softens the buildings, giving them the inviting character that Cambridge most certainly has.

Entrance to King’s College by Angela McKay

Finally, a lovely illustration of St John’s College, with its medieval style and mighty towers; Angela has even included another famous part of Cambridge, with a little bicycle resting against one of the towers.

St John’s College by Angela McKay

For more information and to see some of Angela’s other work, visit www.bytherealmckay.com

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I have long been a fan of Angela McKay‘s wonderful illustrations and the new work on her website www.bytherealmckay.com features more of her lovely drawings of houses but also some delightful depictions of Chelsea Flower Show which seem to me to capture the spirit of the event perfectly.







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We love the illustrations of Angela McKay (not least because she is responsible for the beautiful drawing of our office building) and she has been busy recently producing new work which can be seen on her website. I have always loved her drawings of building that capture the character of a location so well, but the new images of dogs really made me smile. Here are just a few but there are lots more on her gorgeous website.







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Angela McKay is a very talented illustrator with a passion for drawing houses (amongst other things).  She has recently launched a house portraits service which I think would make the most wonderful present for a proud houseowner, or as a personal memory of your own cherished home. Some of her work is shown below and you can get all the information on how to get your own house portrait at www.therealmckay.com . Other work from Angela can be found on her main website at www.bytherealmckay.com

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