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Last week,  we were visited by the lovely Emma from Zoffany.  From the depths of her capacious Zoffany carpet bag she pulled the most wonderful selection of silky velvets, wools, weaves, beautifully printed linens and the most subtley patterned wallpapers  – Zoffany’s recently launched Town and Country Collection. 

 As the name suggests, this collection has been designed to suit both chic town houses and relaxed country residences alike.  So all bases are covered and, not surprisingly, each of us immediately fell in love with a different design.

Cate with the pale blue Aquarelle wallpaper, Kate with the Lotus Flower Linen, Jenny with the wonderfully tactile Curzon velvet and I particularly love the Chilli Peppers Indigo Linen which as you can see in the accompanying images, looks fantastic made up as a kitchen blind.

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