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The bathroom is an essential part of any home, and a great place to insert some thoughtful styling. Whether it needs to be a place to relax or to have a sense of organisation, or be a room where you can let your creativity run a little wild, designing a bathroom that works in sync with your personality and needs means making the most out of the functional space. You may have just designed your dream bathroom and are now looking for those finishing touches to make it feel like your own space, or perhaps you’re like me who’s about to move into a house with a less than desirable bathroom and are in desperate need of accessories to improve the situation! There are some interesting ways to utilise your bathroom space and turn it into something of a sanctuary.

Bathroom Decorated in Plants found on Pinterest by user Katy101

For me the bathroom is a great place to keep plants, all that oxygen in the morning has got to be good for you, right? This image gives me all the incentive I need for a beautiful, overflowing plant haven. If you’re fully willing to participate in the plant-bathroom combo but are lacking some much needed space, a little window sill full of foliage can do the job nicely. I love this image below and how the green of the plants brings out the colour in the tiles, giving a warm welcoming feel to the space.

An Array of Pots on a Window Sill by Design Sponge via Pinterest

To recreate some of these looks you’ll need some gorgeous pots and planters (and of course the plants too!) Maison du Monde have a nice selection of hanging planters, an interesting way to display your plants, it’s also great to introduce more plants to your bathroom without taking up a lot of floor or wall space.

Selection of Hanging Pots from Maison du Monde

For a natural feeling to your pots, this earthenware collection by The White Company are a great range of colours and textures, as well as size, making them perfect for filling up with a whole variety of plants and flowers for your bathroom. They’ll sit nicely on a window sill or if you have the floor space, arranging some on the floor, stools and surfaces to create mixture of heights will give a lovely overall look.

Earthenware Collection from The White Company

Storage is a must-have in a bathroom, whether or not you have a lot of room to play with, there are ways to find space even when you thought you had none. If you can’t add any permanent solutions to your bathroom, you’ll be able to find a great range of non-permanent ideas to accommodate your needs. If you live in a rented house, and don’t have the option of changing your bathroom to your own style, you can use your storage to do this. This shelving unit from Ikea is simple and contemporary, and can let your accessories do all the talking. It’s an easy item to adapt to any style that your bathroom may already be designed in.

Molgar Shelving from Ikea via Pinterest

This glass cabinet is a great piece to have if you’ve got some room. It looks more like a display case than an ordinary bathroom cabinet, making a feature in the room, and allowing you show off your ornaments and accessories.

Bathroom Cabinet from Katie Hackworth via Pinterest

If you are really lacking in space, a small trolley with a few shelves is a sweet idea. This little number from Baileys lends itself to the industrial style, and would look great with a few plants hanging over the edge.

‘Work in Progress Trolley’ from Baileys Home and Garden


Wire Basket Storage from Decorating Your Small Space via Pinterest

I love the use of these wire baskets in this image, they’re a contemporary version of the woven basket that you so often find in a bathroom. They keep the space feeling light, whilst still being very useful. These copper versions from Habitat have a great shape and will keep your things organised in style.

‘Clissold Wire Baskets’ from Habitat

Another quick way to add some personality, as well as some organisation, is with a few trays, to help keep your products and toiletries at bay. I love this hexagonal wooden tray, it works as a blank canvas to show off any pretty toiletries or perfumes you might have.

Bathroom Tray from Kate Lavie via Pinterest

This metal tray from H&M Home is so sweet and has some lovely detailing in the border. A few of them would look great lined up on a shelf of a window sill with a few vases of flowers between each one or at the end.

Metal Tray by H&M Home

Accessorising your bathroom is a lovely way to give your space that extra added boost of style. It allows you to redecorate your bathroom even if you can’t really redecorate, turning the room into your own, individual space where you can really make your mark.



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Blog by Philippa Rosselli

It’s one of the main rooms in a house, and it isn’t exactly a ‘social’ room, but when decorating a home I think it is really important to get your bathrooms just right. A bathroom is a place where we go to relax; a long, hot soak in the tub goes a long way to improving your day, and everyone deserves the TLC that a great bathroom can offer.
As I was flicking through an old issue of Elle Decoration the other day I came across a photo spread of a beautiful bathroom that had been decorated using vibrant and colourful glass.

Elle Decoration, Coloured Glass

Elle Decoration February 2015

Seeing this wonderfully uplifting bathroom made me think about how we might not be making the most of our bathrooms. For a long time the trend has been the ‘safe’ option of white or natural bathroom colours, but there are so many more options out there. And whether you want to go for a dark and mysterious style or bright and playful, you have plenty of different ways of delivering your chosen look; dressing up the floors or tiles, adding quirky accessories, or going the full shebang and investing in a wild bathtub or shower; the world of bathroom colour is your oyster!

Tiles play a critical role in defining the style and look of the room. Whether you want to use them in just a small area, perhaps above a sink, or be brave and use them for a whole wall, tiles can be a great showcase for your personality. Fired Earth offers a wonderfully diverse and creative tile collection, perfect for any home and style. For a hint of sophistication the Domino tile in Black, Gloss Mosaic across an entire wall is the perfect way to make a bold bathroom statement whilst maintaining the chic element. This look, paired with some bright or metallic bathroom accessories can make your bathroom seem like it belongs in a swanky London hotel.

Fired Earth, Domino

For a modern twist on the patterned tile, the Casablanca range at Mandarin Stone is an innovative way to give your bathroom an ultra modern feel with a playful take on geometric patterns.

Mandarin Stone Casablanca

Want to go more exotic? Feeling brave? Take a look at the bold, bright and beautiful Arabesque tile. This is one of my favourites and would give your bathroom a huge boost in style and confidence.
Fired Earth, Arabesque

If you’re not quite ready to re-do the whole of your bathroom, you can add colour and style using a few simple accessories. John Lewis does a great, and very affordable, range of Egyptian cotton towels that come in a pleasing range of sizes and colours. Renewing your towels is an easy way to revamp your bathroom and give it a bit of zing… plus who doesn’t love the luxurious feel of a soft, cosy new towel?

John Lewis, Egyptain Cotton Towels, Clementine

Adding a touch of fun can give your bathroom a little facelift that then puts a smile on your face. Not On The High Street has a wide selection of fun home accessories, including many for the bathroom. A new shower curtain or soap dispenser is sometimes all you need…

Not On The High Street, Flamingo Shower Curtain

Not On The High Street, Square Hand Painted Soap Dispenser

Bathrooms, don’t just have to be practical, they can be exceedingly beautiful too, and offer a playground for trying out your ideas and passions. So, go wild – and you may come to love your bathroom so much it becomes your top hangout spot in the house!

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