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Walls in Stone Blue, woodwork in All White, both Farrow and Ball

As we are all currently decorating our houses, there has been an awful lot of talk here at the Angel and Blume office about paint colours that we personally love and although we could probably give you a hundred, here are ten colours that you will find in one or other of our homes and that we think you just can’t go wrong with.

1. Farrow and Ball String.

A beautiful golden colour with just enough brown in it to look classy but enough yellow to be cheerful. (fyi, Kate loves, loves, loves this colour)

2. Fired Earth Orchid Leaf.

One of my personal favourites, this is a warm fresh green with yellow undertones that blends perfectly with the trees seen through a window.

3. Paint Library Stone III

A fantastic neutral that manages to be both warm and contemporary. From the amazingly useful and beautiful architectural colours range from Paint Library.

Masonry in Wimborne white, door in Skimming Stone and railing in Pitch Black, all Farrow and Ball

4. Zoffany Victorian Purple

A really dark moody brown/purple that is absolutely delicious. The office loo is painted in this colour and has gone from being a boring space to a fabulous one!

5. Marston and Langinger Pearl Grey

A gorgeous bluey grey that is masculine and smart but soft and classy enough to use anywhere.

6. Farrow and Ball Elephants Breath.

A gorgeous grey that is warm to the eye but gives a cool neutral flavour to any room scheme. Really classy. (ask Jenny about this colour and watch her go all weird)

7. Paint Library Quench the Gloom

A glorious bluey turquoise which although is quite a strong colour, manages to be subtle and soft at the same time – and a really great name!

Walls painted in Shaded White and
woodwork in London Stone, both
from Farrow and Ball

8. Fired Earth Andaman Sea

This is a really jolly deep blue colour with enough green in it to keep the colour soft. It is aptly named because is conjures up images of a tropical paradise.

 9. Zoffany Beauvais Lilac

This colour starts off looking like a lovely but simple neutral but it has really beautiful undertones of pinky lilac that make it really special.

10. Designers Guild Mother of Pearl

The softest pinky pearl that is subtle and warm and perfect for grown-up girls (and boys too, if there is any left).

Happy decorating from all of us at Angel and Blume!

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