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Quite unexpectedly, I loved this film. I saw it about two weeks ago, which I admit is about five years too late, and I have no idea why I expected it to be an overly cutesy Rom Com but I was completely wrong. I was captivated by the two driven women, in roles that were not already established (female food writer and blogger) who did things in their own way. Good for them I say. I also say, lovely interiors. The storyline covers Julia Child’s time in Paris in the 1950s – hello the interiors – attending Le Cordon Bleu to learn to cook and writing a book about French cooking for American housewives and Julie’s time set in Queens in the 2000’s blogging about her attempt to cook each recipe in Julia Child’s book during the course of a year. The backdrops to both storylines are very inviting and beautifully presented.

Julia's kitchen



Stanley Tucci as "Paul Child" in Columbia Pictures' JULIE & JULIA.

Julia's kitchen 3


additional 3

Julie's desk

Julie's kitchen


additional 2

Roof terrace

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