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Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, a punchy, vibrant purple. I’m always intrigued when the new colour is released each year and think of ways it could be used in interiors, not so that they fit with the latest trends, but so that they create an interesting and timeless look. As with all colours, there are endless hues and tones to be found in the purple spectrum, and so even if ultra-violet is not your go-to choice, there are an abundance purple pieces to lust over, that might be more your look. From big to small ideas, I’ve found some utterly gorgeous ways to include purple into your home, so take a look!

Lotus Wallpaper in Brinjal and Off-Black from Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball have recently released some reimagined wallpapers, using some favourite designs in new colours. A standout design is the Lotus in Brinjal with an Off-Black background. The two colours together creates a dreamy, romantic and dramatic look, perfect of spicing up a snug or dining room. It’s also a great way to use purple if you favour dark interiors and are looking to reinvent a room.

Curiousa & Curiousa have an outstanding collection of lighting, their beautiful glass pieces are sure to make a pinnacle feature in any room. This pendant is the perfect retro shade of aubergine, fitting in with its sixties lava lamp curves and shape. Great for making a combination of a cosy atmosphere and statement piece in a bedroom, or as an attention-grabbing light for the entrance hall.

Stemmed Orb Diffuser from Curiousa & Curiousa

Not all your purple additions need to be dark and dramatic, purple can also take a sweet and delicate tone. This bedding from Anthropologie is a dusty, faded shade of purple, the slightly darker toned trim is a sweet touch and could bring an inviting feel to a guest bedroom.

Caridee Bed Linen from Anthropologie

A touch of purple when it comes to your curtains could give a room that balance between calming and fresh; these pompom curtains from Urban Outfitters will help give a room a little lift. The Pompom detailing is oh-so-cute, giving the room some textural feel.

Blackout Pompom Curtains from Urban Outfitters

If you’re unsure about purple, adding it to your interiors in very small doses is a good way to see whether the colour is for you, and your home. A simple, elegant room with a small touch of purple here and there can make for an interesting look. This purple glass mirror from Amara is an unexpected find. A quick splash of colour in a downstairs loo, or mixed into a larger mirror display, this mirror could fit in perfectly.

Lust Mirror by Normann Copenhagen from Amara

Pair together this arrangement of purple headed thistle and this jellyfish paperweight for a lovely display on your desk or on a hall console table. The small additions of purple are fun but classic feeling.

Faux Purple Thistle Spray from Graham & Green

Purple Jellyfish Paperweight from Graham & Green

Adding purple to a garden or patio area isn’t something I would have automatically put together, but these chairs from Heals and the vivid green leaves make a great combination. An interesting way to give a rustic looking area a burst of contemporary colour.

Thayla Chair from Heals

There’s been a huge influx of purple furniture pieces and homeware this season, so it’s a great time to take a look at the colour and see if it’s to your liking; the great thing about searching through interior styles is that you never know if you’re about to fall in love with something new, and just maybe there’s a place for a little something purple amongst your favourites.

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The new Spring 2018 collections at Osborne & Little are simply gorgeous, in fact they are all so good, I had a tough Sophie’s choice ahead of me on which one to write about, so I cheated and decided to include elements from all of them! So here is touches of fabulousness from the Manarola, Palazzo, Rialto and the Sirocco collections.

Portovenre wallpaper and upholstered sofa in Spiaggia fabric

Close up of the Portovenre wallpaper

This beautiful wallpaper design, which also comes as a fabric, depicts the view of a coastal region of Italy, Liguria. The charming houses are painted in a ray of pinks, yellows and oranges are full of rustic charm and style. It gives the design a slightly retro, warm, fun feeling; giving a room a wonderful feature of sunny, relaxed style, even in the midst of these dreary winter months.

Curtains made from Leghetto fabric

These pretty little fish make up a lovely composition, perfect as a roman blind for a cute bathroom, there’s only one colourway but it’s full of beautiful tones and colour to match with a scheme.

Carlotta wallpaper

A beautiful array of Dahlias, Poppies, Berries Cow Parsley and Artichokes creates this lilac palette of wildflowers and a really interesting wallpaper. It’s gentle and calming without being wishy-washy and gives you a bountiful backdrop in your room.

Curtains made from Carlotta Sheer fabric

Here the same design is shown as a sheer, with punchy pinks and yellows; the delicate sheer is a perfect piece to have in a garden room, or kitchen, giving you a light and romantic atmosphere.

The Cervo pattern shown below on the curtains shows how you can be diverse in the way you use am iconic motif such as Islamic tiles. This colourway is my favourite, the deep blues and the pinks and oranges are a lovely combination, and will give a room a warm, welcoming impact.

Curtains in Cervo fabrics

Vernazza wallpaper

This Vernazza wallpaper is a super interesting and eye-catching design. Up close are pretty tropical leaves and from afar the design looks more graphic and abstract, it’s perfect for an entrance hall or cosy living room. Throughout the collections there’s a great sense of Mediterranean and artistic motifs, both combined and separate. This Russolo fabric on the sofa below pays tribute to early 20th century art, and it’s a piece of art in its own right; it’s almost luminous giving a footstool, chair or headboard a life of its own.

Sofa upholstered in Russolo fabric

Another breath-takingly beautiful design is the Torcello fabric. The mouth-watering colours and patterns are beyond wonderful, and here they are paired with an equally delectable sofa, and curtains to match. The floral pattern has an almost seventies glam to it, mixed with a touch of arts and crafts in the trelliswork.

Sofa upholstered in and curtain made from Torcello fabric

Paraggi wallpaper and Bed canopy made from Pampero fabric

These two designs sit rather perfectly together; the prehistoric feel of the Paraggi leaves and the ripples of the Pampero, almost like the marks inside a rock or fossil, go hand-in-hand with one another. For such a large print, the Paraggi is quietly peaceful as the falling leaves feel quite serene.

From start to finish, Osborne & Little is rather an exciting place to be this Spring.

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Although it may not feel like it with all this icy weather, the warm weather is just a few months away, and the spring collections are beginning to roll in. The new collection from Travers, ‘Love Letters’ is a wonderful array of fresh and light patterns and colours, and couldn’t be more perfect for spring.

The collection as a whole pays homage to original Travers brand and style, as well as classic American design. The bright and snappy colours are met with elegance to create a truly wonderful assortment to fill your home with.

‘Beaumont Indienne’ for the Blind and Tablecloth and ‘Sausalito’ for the Chairs

This vivacious Beaumont Indienne fabric is the definition of an eye-catcher. The vivid colours and lines give a modern twist on an iconic style, which make the fabric ideal if you like to add a little of the old and the new to an interior. Here it is matched with the fantastic Sausalito pattern, which is used as a more neutral canvas to house the punchy Beaumont Indienne design, but its mid-scale pattern still manages to hold its own, without the whole look being too overdone.

‘Emperor’s Seal’ for the Armchair and Ottoman and ‘Temple Lattice’ for the Curtains

The nature of Emperor’s Seal reminds me of the laid-back, open plan room decorated in a low-key, comfy minimalist style that you  might have seen in a design magazine from the nineties. The Chinese calligraphy, just a few shades darker than their background, are an interesting touch to neutral fabric, and is the sort of detail that adds a distinct sense of luxury. Paired perfectly with the Temple Lattice curtains, the burnt orange gives the whole look a sophisticated pop of colour.

‘St. Croix’ for the Headboard and the Armchair, ‘Catalina Stripe’ for the Curtains, ‘Sausalito’ for the Cushion and Footstool, and ‘Mason Diamond’ for the Throw

The glorious St. Croix fabric adorns this headboard to create a bold, feminine look in a bedroom, the birds and florals bursts out against the pink, and with a little additional piping the whole ensemble is really superb. A hint of texture is provided by the Mason Diamond fabric used for the throw and the crisp white teamed up with the array of pinks give the room a sweet and charming look.

‘Vermicelli Velvet’ for the Chair and ‘Belle Meade Stripe’ for the Curtains

The rich and textural Vermicelli fabric has a wonderful mixture of both contemporary and traditional aspects. The pattern is modern way of presenting a regal style, and the velvet and interesting colourways means that the fabric can be used in a contemporary setting, or used to update a traditional piece of furniture like the chair above. You may think using an intricate design like the Vermicelli with another pattern may make the fabric lose a touch of its elegance, but the royal stripe of the Belle Meade creates a perfectly curated look.

‘Lamour’ for the Curtains and ‘Astor Velvet’ for the Chair

The snappy green colourways from this photograph show how to do classic styles in an unexpected shade. The textural Astor Velvet used on the seat of this antique chair gives an idea of how to keep a harmonious look throughout a room whilst still including antique pieces. There’s an Art Deco touch to the Lamour curtains, the sultry gold intertwines wonderfully with the mossy green, making a glamourous display, proving that you needn’t just use dark hues to create a rich and romantic interior.

‘Beverly Velvet’ for the Sofa

The Beverley Velvet has a touch of retro style to it, the wavy pattern almost melts onto the sofa,  giving it a laid-back seventies vibe, which is perfect for adding some relaxed but smart style into a room. This fabric is perfect for giving a little flavour into a modern, contemporary space.

‘Cloisonné Embroidery’ for the Curtains

Another absolutely charming design from the collection is this rich but sweet pattern, Cloisonné Embroidery. It’s a rather special deign and if you like to go bold with your interior choices, this should certainly be up for consideration. The vibrant pattern maintains a feminine and soothing tone about it, which means the large pattern isn’t too overbearing for a room and instead will settle into a scheme in a natural fashion.

Next up is a playful take on traditional Chinoiserie, Happy Dragons is a fantastic pattern if you want to have a little fun with your style. The design has the perfect combination of whimsy and elegance, and mixed together with some fabulous colourways, the design is a must-have for contemporary schemes, or traditional ones that are in need of a bit of an edge.

‘Happy Dragons’ for the Blind, and ‘Temple Lattice’ for the Cushions

Finally, for hint of vintage Miami, this look is fabulous. From the limey greens of the Catalina Stripe to the limber paisley style of the Balboa Paisley, which could almost be mistaken for palm leaves, everything about these fabrics gives off a laid-back American coastal feeling.

‘Catalina Stripe’ for the Sofa, ‘Sausalito’ for the Chair and ‘Balboa Paisley’ for the Curtains and Cushions

Everything about this collection is calm, cool and collected glamour, in this vibrant array of designs there’s something for everyone, the only problem you’ll have is choosing your favourite!

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Last week we got to take a good look at Jane Churchill’s two new collections, Samba and Atmosphere III. They took our fancy right from the start and so we wanted to share some of our favourite designs from the collections with you.

The new Samba collection from Jane Churchill is all about colour and patterns and delves into fun, bright and contemporary style.

Curtains in Fontana, Multi.

This Fontana pattern is an amazing design and something a little different from Jane; its cross-stitch style gives the flower design a bit of an edge, adding intrigue.

Taking a retro turn here with this Rossini pattern, it’s a bright and electric design, livening up any room. Up close the pattern has amazing detail and the colours catch the light beautifully.

Headboard in Rossini, Multi and Bedspread in Zita, Red/Green.

The other fabric in this picture is a design called Zita, which uses an ikat style, creating a bold and modern look to the damask pattern.

Curtains in Tamarinda, Beige/Red.

A real favourite from the collection of mine is this Tamarinda fabric; I love the flower design and the beautiful rich colours used. It’s a wonderfully refreshing take on a flower design fabric, perfect for a more contemporary home.

The Olinda Velvet fabric from the Samba collection is a truly contemporary design and is rather different from the rest of the collection; it’s a bold fabric and would go hand in hand with a distinct, modern home.

Chairs in Olinda Velvet, Blue/Multi.

Another of my favourites from the collection is this Maracatu patterns, it’s bold, beautiful and fun, and is perfect for freshening up a room, making a great focal point against a white backdrop.

Cushions in Maracatu, Lime Gree.

On to the new Atmosphere collection, Atmosphere III, there are some wonderfully striking yet simple designs, for an understated urban look. In the collection are some great digitally printed wallpapers, like this Amadine design.

Amadine Wallpaper, Copper.

The palm print is completely on trend whilst the metallic sheen makes it ooze with a luxury that would last a lifetime.

Another great wallpaper from the collection is a pattern already made popular from the Atmosphere II collection, the Plato design.

Plato Wallpaper, Black.

It’s available in some daring colour choices and could be perfect if you’re looking to create a feature wall.

The Sula pattern is a beautiful design and a lovely textural fabric, and is overflowing in glamour.

Curtains in Sula, Silver.

I hope you enjoy the new collections as much as we did here at Angel + Blume, and I think it’s fair to say that Jane Churchill will have you spoilt for choice this season!

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We recently saw the new collection from Etamine at Zimmer and Rohde which is an uplifting, delicate collection with wonderful bursts of brightness against pure white backgrounds and delicious combinations of colours. Taste and elegance prevail as always, and although this collection feels perfect for the lovely sunny weather we are currently enjoying, I have no doubt that it will look just as gorgeous, dare I say it, when the autumn comes around again.


Bags made from Meli-Mélo, Après la Pluie and Nomade


Curtains in the wonderful Madrague


Archipel features tranquil undersea scenesEta2015_webRGB_12 (1)


Bedhead (above) and curtain (below) in different colourways of Nomade

Eta2015_webRGB_10 Eta2015_webRGB_19

Curtains in Week-End and bed cover in glorious Bel-Été  Eta2015_webRGB_20

Simple voile curtain behind in Cabotine with it’s lovely zings of colour.

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We recently saw the new collection Carlyle from Travers and we absolutely loved it. There is a wonderful mixture of elegance and understated luxury, eye catching pattern and delicate colours. They have also produced some superb lifestyle images to show the collection off – here are just a few to wet your appetite.





Trav14_webRGB_19_01 Trav14_webRGB_23_01




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We have recently launched our new series of interior design talks for 2014 including a new course on how to accessorise your home. Starting on the 4th February 2014, the course will cover what accessories will work for your home, where to find them and how to know what to put where. There will also be hints, tips and insider secrets on all accessories including furnishings, storage, light fittings, rugs, curtains and blinds, cushions, flowers and plants, tableware, bedlinen, pictures, collections, accessories for children’s’ rooms and how to accessorise your kitchen and bathroom. Places are going fast so go to www.interiordesigntalks.com for more information or to sign-up.

Picture 305

Picture 540 Picture 134 Picture 125 Picture 485 Picture 356 Picture 103

All images are taken from Secrets of a Stylish Home by Cate Burren and Simon Whitmore. With thanks to Simon Whitmore photography for the use of images.

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Lewis and Wood fabrics and wallpapers have long been a favourite of ours and the small but perfectly formed new collection of five fabrics makes us love them even more! There are some absolute beauties – lovely designs in a range of beautiful colours and all very useable and desirable.

‘Wild thing’ is a beautiful print in three colourways and uses a very fine linen cloth which makes is drape wonderfully as a curtain.

Etienne is classic Lewis and Wood and is a lovely filigree design printed onto a linen weave. The colours are all delicate combinations and the oatmeal colour of the background keeps this design looking really grown up.

Stockholm Stitch is a really useful texture cotton with reverse stitching detail in a range of gorgeous colours. Works well for upholstery, curtains and bedthrows!

Finally three delightful prints on a linen cotton drill in lots of delicious colour combinations. From left above, Sea Holly, Speedwell and Diamond Dot.

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The nights are drawing in and we all want to make our homes as cosy as possible.  Victoria Harrison of Angel + Blume talks you through different window treatments and shows you how to make the most of your view this winter.

(This blog post first featured in Cambridge News)

The first thing to consider when choosing your window treatment is what your windows look out on – do you want to frame or hide this view? Shutters are a great option if you want to hide some of the view from your window, as you can open them in sections. So if you want to hide the view from the road, but want to let some light in you could just close the lower section and keep the top open during the day for light and privacy.

If you have a beautiful view that you want to show off, sheer blinds are a good option as they can be pulled down to shade some of the sunshine but without obscuring the view. If your main priority is to maintain heat then these might not be the best option but they can always be layered up with thicker curtains during the winter months which can be drawn across at night.

Roller blinds are great for kitchens and bathrooms as they are simple to clean and maintain. If you have a dark, gloomy room that needs cheering up, a roller blind in a bright shade or cheerful print will instantly lighten up the space – perfect for beating the winter blues.

Curtains are a traditional choice and some people like to change their curtains in the colder months to increase the level of warmth they provide. Winter curtains can  be interlined to create a really thick finish and this fabric by Zimmer and Rohde adds a rich shot of colour and a tactile warmth to see you through the winter months.

angel and blume

Venetian blinds a good option for a contemporary scheme as the  neat and simple design works well with a pared back interior. They offer a good level of privacy in a built up area but when opened they still allow winter sunshine to filter through.

Image credits: The New England Shutter Company, Zimmer + Rohde, Eclectics, Mark Box

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