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The Iconic Interior 1900 to the present does exactly what it says on the tin. This book takes you on a journey through some of the worlds most iconic and mesmerising homes and interiors belonging to the best and brightest artists, designers, fashion personalities, artisans, architects and set designers of the past one hundred years. This book treats you to an awe-inspiring expedition of the most beautiful homes in the world. If you’re contemplating the idea of redecorating your home but are in need of some inspiration and ideas, purchasing this book is a sure-fire way to kick start a design project as it is filled with a stream of innovative and magical interiors for you to be slowly hypnotised by. If permitted I could talk endlessly about the houses in this book, but I have enforced some will power and have chosen my favourite four homes to share with you.

First is the Sowden House in Los Angeles built in 1926, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. This house was commissioned by painter and photographer John Sowden and takes its main inspiration from Mayan and pre-Columbian culture.

The property looks as though it’s been teleported from another world, or a forgotten time and beautifully encapsulates its sources of inspiration, creating a miniature enchanted land. It looks like the secret lair of a bond villain that belongs deep in the heart of a jungle instead of Los Angeles.


Remaining in Los Angeles for the second home on my list of favourites is a house designed for Tony Duquette. The house, called Dawnridge and built in 1949, is a beautiful clutter of clashing patterns and textiles, shapes and styles, all creating a whirlwind of surprising tranquillity.

The phrase ‘ordered chaos’ comes to mind when you’re looking at the interiors of Dawnridge, everything seems both a stylish muddle and systematically ordered in a way that would be hard to replicate.


Artist Piero Fornasetti’s home in Milan is featured in the book, and it’s a creatively perceptive modern take on an Italian palace. Fornasetti’s home is reflective of his style as an artist, and just like a beautiful painting, the apartment is a work of art.

The interior flows seamlessly as though it is in a surreal dream-like state, and as Dominic Bradbury, the author of the book writes “the house reveals the deep inventiveness and rich imagination of one of Italy’s most original creative talents, often dubbed the ‘designer of dreams’.”

And lastly, we take a trip to Istanbul to the home of designer Zeynep Fadillioglu. Her home is enriched with an old-worldly atmosphere and is embellished with ornaments and furniture that exuberates luxury, whilst contrasting with the rustic walls and foundations of the house so as not to portray a feeling of decadence and excessiveness.

If you’re looking to get lost in a mesmerising and romantic story of architecture and interiors then get yourself a copy of The Iconic Interior and spend a few hours indulging your imagination and redesigning your interior wish list.

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Hello, everyone! I’m Mari from Arcadian Home blog, a wonderful online place to find lots of decor inspirations. I’m so happy to be visiting Angel + Blume today to share a guest post about lovely entrance halls. In these spaces you can, with a Torchiere Lamp here, a treasured painting there or a collection of treasured found objects prominently displayed, make sure visitors can catch a glimpse of your style vision brought to life—of what’s to come.

Whether you choose to call them foyers, entryways or entrances halls, large or small, they’re spaces just inside the front door of homes and apartments around the world. No matter their size, grand or humble, these “rooms” offer the opportunity to welcome guests in your own personal way.

For your inspiration, here are eight very diverse eclectic spaces we hope you’ll love. Please enjoy!

Entrance Hall

(Via Decor Arts Now)
A foyer corner filled to overflowing with vintage furnishings and found objects offers an appealing first look at what decorating delights are to be seen within the walls of this well-loved home.

Entrance Hall

(Via Parkdale Ave.)
Grays and muted golds make for a lovely mix in this small but stylish traditional entrance hall. Foyer lighting in the form of bell jar pendants and shapely black metal wall sconces seems perfect for this chic space.

Entrance Hall
(Via MacKenzie Horan)
This eclectic vignette atop a long table would be perfect for a narrow entrance hall. It’s a beautiful merging of glam and nature.

Entrance Hall

(Via Easy Living)
Spacious and curved, this pale hall is at once chic and inviting for guests. White framed family photographs add warmth and charm to the space.

Entrance Hall

(Via Inspiring Interiors)
A single foyer light—a grand chandelier—is stunning as the focal point of this beautiful entrance hall. Twin black and white kittens as decorative accessories? How cute they are!

Entrance Hall
(Via My Design Chic)
What a wonderful wide entrance hall this is. With refined restraint, each carefully chosen piece has its proper place. The pretty white, yellow and gray rug pulls the entire design together beautifully.

Entrance Hall
(Via Chinoiserie Chic)
A contemporary rug, Ikat pillows and touches of Chinoiserie—all work beautifully in this traditional entry.

Entrance Hall

(Via Little Green Notebook)
An eclectic gallery wall is a great way to add interest to a slightly drab foyer. Opposing stripes on the settee and floor covering are a bold choice that works here. 

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What do you think makes entrance halls lovely? Leave us your thoughts below, and be sure to visit our website for more home decor, lighting fixtures, and interior inspirations!

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