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Fireplaces can be a mistreated part of the home, especially in an old house that’s gone through its fair share of renovations. Gutted, over-embellished, given a heinous mantelpiece, or even boarded up, some fireplaces have been through it all. So if you have a slightly neglected fireplace, or are looking for some new ideas to spruce yours up, here are a few ways you can give yours a bit of life back.

If your fireplace is a little lacklustre, you can turn it into an attractive feature by updating the surround.  You may just have a simple mantelpiece that can be given a new lease of life with a lick of paint, which can completely change its look. I found this image on Pinterest of this traditional mantelpiece that’s been painted in Downpipe by Farrow & Ball; giving it a sophisticated and modern look. It’s an ideal solution if you’ve moved into a period property but want to keep the interiors contemporary.

Traditional Mantelpiece painted in Downpipe from Farrow & Ball from Emma Connolly via Pinterest

Another way you can update a fire surround, is by replacing dated tiles with a newer design. This image of a wooden mantelpiece juxtaposed with white tiles and dark grout creates an interesting look, allowing for a combination of old and new, soft and hard.

Wooden mantelpiece and contemporary tile from Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

For a similar look, I love this tile from Bert & May, the small hexagonal pattern in a light grey would look great next to a painted mantelpiece, in either a dark or bright colour.

Glazed Grey Daroca Tile from Bert & May

Traditional Fender around a stone fireplace by Acres Farm via Houzz

Having a fender around your fireplace has more than just a functional aspect, it can also look rather stylish and give the area a touch of glamour. The fender above made by Acres Farm has a traditional look, perfect for this large stone fireplace place.

If you’re going for an uber-glam and sophisticated looking in your living area, a pair of well-crafted dogs will look gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as a real dog lying in front of your fireplace showing his belly to the world.  These leaf style fire dogs from Chesneys are beautiful, working perfectly with the dark walls, modern art and crisp-marble mantelpiece.

Leaf Fire dogs from Chesneys from Dear Designers via Pinterest

Fire dogs can be a great way to introduce some avant-garde design to your fireplace, I love this abstract dog-like design from Jamb. They’ll keep your fireplace looking good even when it isn’t lit.

Large Linton Fire dogs from Jamb

Adding some extra fireplace accessories can give yours its own spark of personality, whether you want to add some contemporary coolness or a bit of extra glamour. A fire guard can really show off some character; it doesn’t have to be in the same style as the rest of the fireplace, if you have a period fireplace in your home, inserting something like this clear glass guard from Graham & Green can keep it feeling relevant.

Clear Glass Fireguard from Graham & Green

Keeping your logs safe and dry is a must for a successful fire, and what is a must for someone with a stylish home is that they are kept safe and dry in a fashionable manner. This steel open-basket style holder will look great next to a fire with the flames reflecting against the metal.

Burnished Steel Log Holder from Cox & Cox

If you’re style is more suited to the classic wicker log basket, this Holkham log basket from Grace and Glory has a simple but lovely design to it.

Holkham Log Baskets from Grace & Glory

A hearth is a great place to add some decoration to as well, if not you don’t need the roaring fire on, but still want the ambience, using candles can give the same effect whilst looking cosy and dramatic. I love this image of a collection of candles and trays, to equally protect the hearth and look fabulous, it gives the fireplace a playful edge.

Candles and Trays from Muus on Tumblr via Pinterest

Metal Tray from H&M home

H&M Home has a great selection of trays to choose from so you can experiment with difference looks without breaking the bank. And finally, I had to throw in this adorable fireside accessory from Graham & Green, these matches in a glass bottles are the perfect way to finish off your fireplace look.

Glass Jar Dark Green Matches from Graham & Green

Glass Jar with Dark Green Matches from Graham & Green

From big changes to little ones, there are loads of ways to get creative with your fireplace, you don’t just have to settle for what you’ve been given. It’s a great canvas to really show off your style with, and an interesting place to play around with colour, shape, style and decoration.










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Guest post by Kate Wood of Manon Interiors

childrens room style childrens room style

Decorating a nursery can be a real challenge. It’s important to find a scheme to keep both kids and parents happy with without going down the route of twee childish patterns and colours.  So we asked Kate Wood from Manon Interiors to put together her top nursery picks.

Kate explains “When I became pregnant and the time came to decorate my son’s room the only thing I knew for sure was that I wasn’t really a fan of the themed duvet/wallpaper/rug scene that the high street seems to want most nurseries to look like nowadays and how on earth I was going to get the cot I had fallen in love with in Paris home without my husband noticing.”

childrens room style

“Hardly taxing I know but add to that the fact that we were paying two mortgages at the time, running a busy shop and it had to be done quickly and on budget and I became somewhat of an expert at getting that casual chic look I love so much for a nursery too. To be honest, most of my nursery finds were items that I would happily have in any area of the house. Our bunny lamp seems to move from kitchen to office to Wilfies room regularly and I have long been a fan of Dandy Star’s graphic  prints (above).”

childrens room style childrens room style

“I started as you would every other room in the house and chose a shade of paint that both Wilfie and I could live with. Initially I opted for Farrow and Ball’s Powder Blue but have recently graduated to Downpipe on one wall (above) and Clunch on the others as I found the blue a bit cold…and my son went crayon crazy one afternoon so it was time!”

“I truly believe that you don’t have to spend lots of  money on items that your children will quickly grow out of. This is where IKEA is indispensable and you can find some classic nursery staples there that may well see them through to University.”

childrens style


“Sprinkle the rest of the room generously with bunting (Bought or homemade), a colourful print (like the Marcus Walter print above) and cute bedside lamp and you are on your way to a stylish nursery that will look individual to you and your home and, more importantly, that your child will love. A trip to Columbia Road in East london will prove a goldmine for children’s accessories as they have some great independent shops there. The flowers are worth it alone but I would also recommend Bob + Blossom for bits and bobs.”

childrens stylechildrens room style

Image credits:

Manon Interiors  www.manoninteriors.co.uk

Marcus Walters www.marcuswalters.co.uk

Dandy Star www.dandystar.com

Farrow and Ball www.farrow-ball.com

Bob and Blossom www.bobandblossom.co.uk

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