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Hodsoll McKenzie is one of my favourite fabric companies, every collection is filled with glorious colours, embroidery work, textures and of course wonderful designs. So it comes as no surprise that their new collection Discovery is just as lovely as ever. The collection has new design techniques and ideas that introduce “an unexpected twist to natural fibres and inventive interpretations of classic and ethnic designs”. Discovery is full of soft and sumptuous designs that have the perfect combination colour, subtly and romance. So take a look at the latest instalment from Hodsoll McKenzie.

‘Cushions in Turlington fabric’ from Hodsoll McKenzie

The beautiful Turlington fabric has a Tuscan antique sensibility to it. The faded glamour of the pattern gives off a relaxed and calming presence; you’d be able to have this look in a contemporary bohemian setting and have it feel just as at home as in an older, more traditionally styled home.

The embroidery on this Gabon fabric designs is absolutely stunning, creating patterns that take their influence from African design. The strong sharpness of the indigo background allows the pattern to pop, while still keeping a natural and organic feel to the cloth.

‘Bedspread in Gabon Embroidery fabric’ from Hodsoll McKenzie

The drapery in this next photo is a lovely fabric that hangs beautiful. The Quincey Floral pattern was taken from an 18th century design, so it perfect if you want to create an inviting, classic setting in your home. Also featured is the Donnelley fabric on the central cushions. A rustic design taken from the Scottish Highlands; which could be a fun alternative to tartan if you want to evoke that heritage feel in a different way.

‘Drapery in Quincey Floral fabric and central cushions in Donnelley fabric’ from Hodsoll McKenzie

The upholstery on this chair is the Malindi fabric, named after the city in Kenya. The intricate pattern has both a softness and a richness to it, making it feel like it would be comfortable both in your home and a hotel.

‘Chairs upholstered in Malindi fabric’ from Hodsoll McKenzie

If you’re more inclined to opt for a plain upholstery fabric, something textural like this Collins design from the collection is a gorgeous way to have the best of both worlds. There’s an interesting effect on the fabric that’ll give your sofa a bit of life. Also in the image is the Chloe braid on the cushions, which is a great idea to dress up the piece in a glamorous way.

‘Cushions embroidered with Chloe Braid and Sofa upholstered in Collins fabric’ from Hodsoll McKenzie

‘Chair upholstered in Caswell Velvet fabric’ from Hodsoll McKenzie

I absolutely love this velvety patterned fabric, it has a distinct Renaissance feel to it, whilst the use of the denim colour gives it a modern feel as well. It looks beautiful on chair above, but I can also see this looking lovely on a headboard, really creating a statement in a room.

‘Sofa upholstered in Serengenti Stripe fabric, central cushion covered in Gabon Embroidery fabric and center back cushions covered in Zambezi fabric’ from Hodsoll McKenzie

The stripe of the Serengeti fabric gives the sofa above a beautifully elegant feel. It’s a perfect example of how you can have a patterned sofa and still have a collection of vibrant and busy cushions on top of it without them clashing. The centre cushion shows the Gabon fabric in a smaller way, for a more intimate approach to the pattern; great for using in any room of the house.

It’s always lovely to see a collection like this where you can imagine using every fabric, from stripes to patterns to plains, there’s a whole array of exciting pieces to choose from, the only trouble now is picking a favourite.

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Zimmer and Rohde have done it again! Congrats to their very clever design director Robin Klingensmith who has created a wonderful new Hodsoll McKenzie collection that as ever embodies a stylish and tasteful lifestyle. There is no brashness amongst the soft colours and textures but an understated luxury that is highly desirable. Here are just a few of their delicious lifestyle images to whet your appetite – you can find more information at http://www.zimmer-rohde.com




HM_H15_print4c_B_32 HM_H15_print4c_B_1 HM_H15_print4c_B_4 HM_H15_print4c_B_6   HM_H15_print4c_B_23

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As any regular reader of this blog will know, I am a great fan of the Hodsoll McKenzie fabrics from Zimmer and Rohde and we have just this morning viewed the new collection called Town and Country which is hot off the loom. I absolutely love it! Classy, elegant, lovely understated colours and generally absolutely beautiful. As normal I am running out of adjectives, but this collection for me really is a winner.

HM14_print4c_B_01 HM14_print4c_B_05 HM14_print4c_B_09


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We have always loved the fabrics from Zimmer and Rohde but we have been particularly impressed this week with the new collection that they have created under their Hodsoll McKenzie brand. The fabrics are elegant and luxurious with restrained use of colour and lots and lots of texture. We thought the images that they use to illustrate the collection were a triumph too and here are just a few of them.

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