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This week at Angel + Blume we’re taking a look at the various kinds of workspaces in the home. No matter what space you have to work with, be it a whole room dedicated to the cause, or just a little corner of the room, it’s vital to make sure that the space is well executed. Whether you’re running an entire business out of your home or organising a hectic family life, the space you work in has to be just right. We’ve put together a little guide together of what we think makes a great study or workspace, and a few examples of some previous spaces that Angel + Blume have created for a little inspiration!

Often we find ourselves having to double up a room’s function, and so a study may also need to be a spare room as well. Less is always more in these situations and what can look amazing is a beautiful antique writing desk, placed nicely in the corner of a room, making it not just a functional piece of furniture, but decorative as well.



If your style is more contemporary and an antique desk doesn’t meet the bar, there are heaps of stylish, modern desks out there. A few of my favourites on the market at the moment come from Gillmore Space and Lombok.


‘The Walnut Gerrit Writing Desk’ from Gillmore Space


This desk Gillmore Space is a beautiful, strong design, making it the perfect piece for the focal point of a whole study, or as a singular piece in a multi-functional room; it offers functionality whilst still maintaining style.

If you wanted something with a more industrial look to it, this Artisan desk by Lombok would make a great feature piece in any room, and has a minimalist, no clutter kind of feel to it.


‘Artisan Honeycomb Desk’ from Lombok


If you’re carrying out professional work in your home then it’s essential to make sure that your surroundings can accommodate your needs, from storage to additional seating, everything plays a key role in making you as work-productive as possible but also evoking the right setting for visitors (be it clients or business partners).

Anglepoise lamps are an iconic design in the world of lighting, and they won’t be bested when it comes to those late night work sessions. This season Anglepoise teamed up with designer Paul Smith to create some ultra sleek designs. There a great addition to any study to keep morale levels high and add a little retro style to your surroundings.


‘Type 75 Desk Lamp – Edition 2 by Paul Smith’ from Anglepoise


When creating an office inside of a home having a flexible seating arrangement is great for accommodating extra bodies when need be. Depending on the level of formality needed, armchairs and sofas can make the space look fantastic.

Angel + Blume created this space for a client to work as both a media room and as an office.



Armchairs from Gotham were used to make a comfortable, yet professional setting so that the room can easily transfer between its functions. Gotham has some absolutely stunning designs that can work in both a professional and relaxed setting.


‘The Ulysse Armchair’ from Gotham


‘The Calaf Armchair’ from Gotham


For extreme glamour and sleekness, Bolier is an absolute must! Their designs are real timeless, classic style pieces that will last a lifetime. My favourite design in their collection at the moment is the Domicile Curved Back Lounge Chair.



‘Domicile Curved Back Armchair’ from Bolier


Below is a perfect example of how to create a workspace within a living area. When you don’t need a focused atmosphere and are looking for something a little more social, incorporating the computer into a lively part of the house is a great idea. In a space like this you could add a few interchangeable home accessories to work with the space.




For a more relaxed arrangement in your workspace, adding a few cushions into the mix will make your work seem a lot less strenuous. Everything Matthew Williamson does for Osborne & Little is outstanding and his cushions are no exception!


‘Sunbird’ from Matthew Williamson at Osborne & Little

A great piece from Rockett St George is this gorgeous embossed brass cabinet, which is perfect for containing all your files whilst still looking beautiful.


‘Embossed Brass Cabinet’ from Rockett St George

Or for a contemporary alternative, check out Chaplins, who create some stunning designs, including this elegant cabinet.

‘Lochness Cabinet’ from Chaplins


It’s always important to give yourself a little treat when you’re working hard, and this may take the form of a little bit of artwork to gaze at every so often and have a sneaky daydream. Byard Art always has great pieces by amazing artists, and with quite a diverse range everyone is likely to find something to take their fancy. One of my favourites is this ‘Running Cheetah’ by Lucy Kinsella, perfect for placing on the end of your desk.


‘Running Cheetah’ by Lucy Kinsella from Byard Art


Another favourite is this dreamy landscape piece by Felicity Keefe, which will be a great little detox for the mind in times of stress!


‘The Brooding Sky’ by Felicity Keefe from Byard Art

However big or small, or how much it’s used, crafting the perfect workspace in your home will make all that work seem just a little bit easier, and maybe a little bit more fun!

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Fantastic interior designer Kit Kemp’s book A Living Space takes you through a magnitude of her beautifully executed interiors, and will really help to guide you through your own home and experiment with the spaces that you have, and perhaps inspire you to go bold with your designs.

A Living Space by Kit Kemp


A Living Space by Kit Kemp


Kemp’s approach is a contemporary take on the classic English style, dressing up rooms in a chic but relaxed way, which makes them perfect for all types of homes, from a town house to a country cottage.

She uses playful and colourful components in her work that show how a sophisticated and elegant home can have of hints of fun and spontaneity in its interiors, and these themes can be seen throughout all of her designs. Kemp has said of her own work as producing “elements of intrigue and curiosity that create a sense of adventure and fun”, which sounds like the perfect recipe for creating a beautiful and exciting home!

A Living Space by Kit Kemp


With ten lovely chapters, Kemp takes you through making your home perfect for you, and it’s all about the little touches of detail to make a space complete. From using artwork to textiles to organic materials, Kemp shows how to make a house your home, whatever your style or taste preference.

A Living Space by Kit Kemp

Much of Kemp’s work are beautiful hotels around the world, but with her innovative touch the rooms she creates look less like hotels and more like beautifully modern but welcoming rooms in a beloved family home.

The chapter titled Dogs, is one of my favourites in the book, and is the essential guide for decorating a home that every dog-lover needs.

A Living Space by Kit Kemp


This artwork of a Scottie dog’s silhouette filled in with a map of Scotland is one of my favourite pieces in the book, along with these colourful cow sculptures below, that proves sophisticated style comes in all shapes and sizes (and animals!)

A Living Space by Kit Kemp


So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own home, or just fancy looking through some beautiful interiors and maybe picking up a few ideas along the way, A Living Space is the perfect book for you.

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Ilse Crawford is a designer whose work I greatly admire and I have owned and loved her previous books (Home is where the heart is? and Sensual Home) since they were published. A Frame for Life is her most recent book and is a wonderful insight into her work, the thinking behind the projects and her considered and inspiring views on interior design.

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 2

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 3

The book contains an introduction written from the heart, and I have to say that I have rarely read a piece about the interior design process with which I agree more. She talks, as an example, of the importance of starting with an understanding of how the inhabitants of a space will use it, what they need from it and bring to it, and how they will interact with it. She then goes on to show exactly the impact this understanding had on various interiors she has designed and implemented in both commercial and residential spaces.

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 4 Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 5

Within the book, there is an interview with Edwin Heathcote probing further into Ilse’s design views and she is marvelously frank and unreserved – her answer to the thorny question posed by Heathcote of “This might sound like a stupid question but is there a difference between interior design and architecture, and if so, what is it?” is inspired.

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 6

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life

As well as there being lots to read and ponder in this beautiful book, it is also loaded with glorious images of project work (including Ilse’s own London home) which not only illustrate Ilse’s design philosophy but also provide a visual feast for our interior-loving eyes.

Ilse Crawford A Frame for Life 7

A Frame for Life is published by Rizzoli, 2014

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