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The way that your home smells is just as important as the way that it looks and familiar smells stir our emotions and conjure up memories of the past. Home fragrances are now as readily available as perfumes and aftershaves and picking your favourite will give your home it’s very own scent identity.

 This blog first appeared on the Cambridge Evening News website

St Eval Limited Edition Sea Salt Tin


I recently bought the sea salt version of these delightful little candles fromProvidence on Bridge Street in Cambridge. It now resides in our office loo and each time I open the door I get a delicate waft of scent of the sea. I am seriously thinking of stock piling them because the smell is so gorgeous.

Designers Guild Magnolia Candle

As you would expect from Designers Guild, these candles look as beautiful as they smell. We have one of the Magnolia scented candles which smells divine and has delicate magnolia flowers drawn over the glass candle holder in shades of hot pink, bright yellow, white and black – it really is too good to burn!

Baileys by post scented candles

You can’t beat Baileys by Mail for beautiful things for your home and their scented candles are no exception. Your only problem will be picking between them – fig, jasmine, orange blossom, thyme and my own favourite, mown grass.

Jo Malone room diffuser


Some of the most stylish scents around are from Jo Malone and her home fragrances are a real winner. I am particularly partial to the Lime Basil and Mandarin although trying each one to find your favourite is half the fun. The room diffuser also looks beautiful so there is no shame in having these on your mantelpiece.

Cologne and Cotton room sprays


The Geodesis range of candles and room sprays are designed to associate their scents with regions of the world – there are thirteen to choose from ranging from the scents of France (Mimosa) and Greece (Fig) to Clove tree (Zanibar) and Tiare (Polynesia) – they not only make your house smell lovely, they also get you thinking about your next holiday!

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The scents that fill our homes can be welcoming and evocative; Victoria Harrison of Angel + Blume looks at how to add fragrance to your home to create a unique atmosphere.

Spring Cleaning

Before adding fragrance to your home you need to make sure you start with a clean base. Now that the gloom of January is lifting and Spring is just around the corner it’s the perfect time to scrub up. You can start by simply opening windows and welcoming the fresh air. During the winter when windows remain closed, carpets and textiles can become stale, but a quick steam clean will get rid of odours and freshen them up. A wipe down of all door frames and skirting boards will get rid of accumulated dust and grime and if you’re feeling energetic give the ceiling a clean too as smoke and oils can build up over time. (more…)

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