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With the second series of Downton concluding last week we are all missing our weekly feast of glamorous interiors and elaborate costumes and OTT plot lines. So to keep us all going until the Christmas special, here’s a post celebrating all that was gloriously over the top and decadant about Downton Abbey. (OK, so it’s not strictly a film, but we’ve decided to bend the rules of Film Friday just this once.)

downton abbey interiors

I can’t decide what I like most about this image; the ornate costumes, silk wallpaper and gilded woodwork…or the perfectly impassive expression of Carson the butler.


If you want some pointers on how to decorate your Christmas table, how about this for grandeur. Each place setting appears to have four crystal wine glasses, three knives, three forks and an individual silver salt cellar. That’d impress the in-laws.

Star turn: Maggie Smith (pictured) plays Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham

I  had to include this for the glacial expression on Dame Maggie Smith’s face. Worth tuning in for every week alone. But the richness of this image is also worthy of note, the beautiful costumes, dripping in sequins and beads compete with the glitteringly ornate backdrop of gilded picture frames, glowing candelabra and richly panelled walls.

Downton Abbey

Clearly not  minimalists in any way the colours in every room of Downton leap out at you. From the rich red velvet of the sofa to the ornately patterned rugs and cushions, in this image more is definitely more.

And as for a breakfast table, they don’t get more grand than this. I love the sunny warm yellow of the walls and curtains but more importantly the scale of this room is immense; just look at that painting!

The all important ‘getting ready for dinner’ scene; a great opportunity to see inside the bedrooms of the house. The rich red of this wallpaper and the stately four poster bed create the perfect backdrop for all the scheming and plotting.

Come back soon Downton! Sunday nights are not the same without you.

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