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This beautiful book about the work of architect and interior designer Chester Jones, is not only packed full of inspiring images but also reveals great details about the thoughts behind the designs and the process to get to the interiors that Chester Jones creates. The copy for the book is written by Henry Russell but it is the introduction that I found particularly fascinating which is by Chester Jones himself. In it he says “Whether new or old, the architecture of a home’s interior may be excellent, but to my way of thinking, it is though the contents and the detail of people’s lives that the most memorable rooms emerge.” I couldn’t agree more.

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The Interiors of Chester Jones is published by Merrell Publishers.

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Clare Nolan’s brilliant book ‘Making a House Your Home’ is one of my favourite interior design books to use and recommend. I think that good interior design advice should stand up to scrutiny, which often means explaining why a recommendation is being made, and this book is not afraid to do just that. It is clearly written from the heart, with knowledge and experience being freely imparted, and is also packed with lovely pictures. I keep coming back to this book, and I always find something new and interesting in its pages.


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If you take inspiration from the past for your interior decorating, the new book, Retro Style by Katherine Sorrell from Merrell Publishers will be right up your street. It is filled with good advice, brilliant ideas and gorgeous photography. It includes numerous case studies, a good directory, and lots and lots of nostalgia.

This book would make a great Christmas present – especially for yourself!

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