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More often than not, depending on our lifestyles, its common practice that most people need a little space in their home for a desk or a small home office area. Whether you’re studying, working from home, or have daily tasks to carry out, a desk is always a handy item in the house that you’ll always find a need for. Your workspace in an office may have to comply with its surrounding aesthetic, but at home you have the freedom to create your own individual space that works perfectly for you. From picking the desk, chair, accessories and the surrounding area, making your space your own is a lovely way to make productivity just that little bit easier.

Traditional Writing Desk from Coasters Furniture via Pinterest

When I think of a traditional writing desk I always picture something like this quaint piece above. A sweet style that’s perfect for a country themed interior. A desk like this with built in compartments is ideal if you don’t have a dedicated room as an office; instead of taking up precious space with larger storage you can neatly fit letters and envelopes, pens and documents in the drawers provided. It turns the desk into a design feature of a room, rather than something that’s in the way. I love this Repton writing desk from Oka, with a similar style in a wood finish; an elegant, design for a traditional setup.

Repton Writing Desk from Oka

Continue with the traditional theme with your desk accessories and lighting. This Charles Edwards table lamp has some wonderful detailing, but is simple enough to work with most traditional design, and will keep your area well-lit when working into the evening.

Palmer Table Lamp from Charles Edwards

For a few extra finishing touches, a piece like this letter rack by Alexander James available at Amara, has a traditional glamour to it, giving your desk style and a touch of personality.

Letter Rack from Alexander James at Amara

If you prefer a more contemporary style, there are many ways to create an interesting and productive workspace that’ll look sleek and stylish as well. This look below is clean and simple; the reinvented half white, half natural wood captain’s chair is a great way to rework a traditional piece.

Contemporary Writing Desk from Homes & Garden via Pinterest

This desk from Bluesuntree has the capacity for a bigger workload with a large surface and three handy drawers underneath, but its style isn’t compromised as it gives a modern, stylish but relaxed design.

Ellwood Desk from Bluesuntree

Pair it with a slightly more avant garde style of chair, like this legendary Masters Chair by Kartell available from Heal’s in a range of colours; but add a cushion to keep it comfy if you plan of being at your desk for a while.

Masters Chair by Kartell from Heal’s

You may mostly work from a laptop these days, but every now and then are in need of jotting down some notes by hand, so a trusty notebook and pen should never be too far. Keep your pens in a stylish home, in something like this holder made by Lexon; it’s sleek and cool, and will keep your desk feeling tidy.

Pencil Holder by Lexon at Amara

If you love retro style interiors, there’s no need to sacrifice this when it comes to your workspace, you can find good quality buys on places like eBay, or some new desks in a retro style if you like as well. This image below is a beautiful home workspace design; with the teak wood, retro desk legs and lots of greenery it makes a peaceful space to work in.

Retro Writing Desk from The Future Kept via Pinterest

For a similar style, this mid-century inspired Acorn desk from West Elm will help keep your retro aesthetic going in your workspace. Keep the look going with some retro framed prints, or an interesting collection of coffee table books nearby.

Mid Century Acorn Desk from West Elm

Give your space some refreshing plant life, and house them in a stylish planter like this one from La Redoute; it has some mid-century style to it, but could also be worked into another design scheme.

Florian Planters from La Redoute

Storage is always vital, especially with a workspace as it’ll keep all your paperwork tucked away and not scattered about the place, keeping you feeling organised. If you’ve got the space, a larger storage piece like this one from Oliver Bonas is a great way to keep your documents, books and other items at bay, while there’s also enough room to add some ornaments or plants to stop it from looking too much like work.

Grid Nine Shelf Storage Unit from Oliver Bonas

I love this relaxed, cosy style of this workspace; with the mismatching tables, sheepskin cushion and the lovely array of little bits and bobs scattered around. The bohemian style is fun to use in your workspace if you don’t need a large amount of space, needing the desk more for fun things then for work.

Bohemian Writing Desk from Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

This design from Maison du Monde is a chic design that have a wonderful cosy feeling to it, great for tucking in a corner somewhere, as well as dressing up or down with some interesting accessories.

Chinon Writing Desk from Maison du Monde

Keep the place feeling even cosier with a rug under the desk; something like this kilim rug from John Lewis, which makes a great bohemian base for your area, plus it’ll look good against some dark wood floor boards or if you want to add some faux sheepskin.

Fusion Kilim Rug from John Lewis

And for an extra bit of flair, something fun like these rabbit bookends are a playful touch to your writing desk, and a handy way to store books or papers.

Rabbit Bookends from Graham & Green

There are all kinds of ways you can create your own workspace at home, making it an inviting place that you look forward to using instead of a feeling of dread. Adding your own style and personality to your space will make it feel like a connected part of your home and not just an office!

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Blog by Philippa Rosselli

It’s one of the main rooms in a house, and it isn’t exactly a ‘social’ room, but when decorating a home I think it is really important to get your bathrooms just right. A bathroom is a place where we go to relax; a long, hot soak in the tub goes a long way to improving your day, and everyone deserves the TLC that a great bathroom can offer.
As I was flicking through an old issue of Elle Decoration the other day I came across a photo spread of a beautiful bathroom that had been decorated using vibrant and colourful glass.

Elle Decoration, Coloured Glass

Elle Decoration February 2015

Seeing this wonderfully uplifting bathroom made me think about how we might not be making the most of our bathrooms. For a long time the trend has been the ‘safe’ option of white or natural bathroom colours, but there are so many more options out there. And whether you want to go for a dark and mysterious style or bright and playful, you have plenty of different ways of delivering your chosen look; dressing up the floors or tiles, adding quirky accessories, or going the full shebang and investing in a wild bathtub or shower; the world of bathroom colour is your oyster!

Tiles play a critical role in defining the style and look of the room. Whether you want to use them in just a small area, perhaps above a sink, or be brave and use them for a whole wall, tiles can be a great showcase for your personality. Fired Earth offers a wonderfully diverse and creative tile collection, perfect for any home and style. For a hint of sophistication the Domino tile in Black, Gloss Mosaic across an entire wall is the perfect way to make a bold bathroom statement whilst maintaining the chic element. This look, paired with some bright or metallic bathroom accessories can make your bathroom seem like it belongs in a swanky London hotel.

Fired Earth, Domino

For a modern twist on the patterned tile, the Casablanca range at Mandarin Stone is an innovative way to give your bathroom an ultra modern feel with a playful take on geometric patterns.

Mandarin Stone Casablanca

Want to go more exotic? Feeling brave? Take a look at the bold, bright and beautiful Arabesque tile. This is one of my favourites and would give your bathroom a huge boost in style and confidence.
Fired Earth, Arabesque

If you’re not quite ready to re-do the whole of your bathroom, you can add colour and style using a few simple accessories. John Lewis does a great, and very affordable, range of Egyptian cotton towels that come in a pleasing range of sizes and colours. Renewing your towels is an easy way to revamp your bathroom and give it a bit of zing… plus who doesn’t love the luxurious feel of a soft, cosy new towel?

John Lewis, Egyptain Cotton Towels, Clementine

Adding a touch of fun can give your bathroom a little facelift that then puts a smile on your face. Not On The High Street has a wide selection of fun home accessories, including many for the bathroom. A new shower curtain or soap dispenser is sometimes all you need…

Not On The High Street, Flamingo Shower Curtain

Not On The High Street, Square Hand Painted Soap Dispenser

Bathrooms, don’t just have to be practical, they can be exceedingly beautiful too, and offer a playground for trying out your ideas and passions. So, go wild – and you may come to love your bathroom so much it becomes your top hangout spot in the house!

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The thing that I appreciate most about summer is the beautiful light. I have been making the most of the last few weeks enjoying the fabulous scenery that is scattered with enchanting summer rays. It has got me thinking about different materials that play with light in a space, and I have gathered together some of my favourite examples of furnishings that have attractive reflective surfaces.

 Archtic pear, ochre

I could never grow bored looking at the enchanting glass pear drops that hang from this table light.

 Arctic Pear Table Lamp by Ochre

 Seed Cloud- Ochre

Seed Cloud- Ochre 2

 The ‘seeds’ that fall from this gorgeous chandelier almost look like raindrops, each one acting as a magnifying lens.

 Seed Cloud, round 112 buds, by Ochre


These lovely large glass orbs reflect the light around them, and draw your attention in.

Bubbles Glass Orb Pendant from Anthropologie

 JL umberto vase

Glass vessels that hold water are a beautiful table piece, and offer a playful refracted image of whatever they behold.

LSA Umberto Vase from John Lewis

 Perfume bottle - Alfies antiques

Glass perfume bottles can be a charming ornament in the bedroom that twinkle in the last of the evening light.

Early 20th Century Perfume Bottle from Alfies Antique Market

 moon wallpaper

This brilliant wallpaper is a 3D foil that can be used to create great effects with some clever lighting.

Beware The Moon – Quantum Foam Wallpaper from Rockett St George

Panorami Mirror

These contemporary arched mirrors create the illusion of an entrance, and will really open up a space.

Panorami Mirrors for Secondome, designed by Zaven


John Soane is famous for having used convex circular mirrors in his London town house to create a tour de l’oeil, magnifying viewpoints and making spaces look larger.

Little Black Framed Convex Mirror from Rockett St George

 mirror headboard

I love the glamorous ambiance created by using this antique mirror as a headboard. You can find some fantastic antique mirrors at Lassco


These garden tea light holders are lovely. The glass vessels emit a pretty flicker of candle light.

Hanging Teardrop Votive by Garden Trading from Not on the high street

 NOTHS normal_antique-style-french-lantern (1)

This gorgeous lantern creates a warm glow, perfect for a garden dinner party.

Antique Style French Lantern by The Flower Studio from Not on the High Street

Reflective materials and multi faceted surfaces can be a great way to play with light in a space; to create illusions of scale and splendour, or simply to make a room feel more dynamic.

This blog first appeared on the Cambridge Evening News website.

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Whether your style is traditional or modern, you can bring some immediate festive cheer to the outside of your home by decorating your front door with a wreath.  There are some stunning examples on the market this year and here some of our favourites.


Real Buxus Christmas Wreath in 3 sizes by Rowen & Wren £18 

Large Fruit Willow Heart

Luxurious and handcrafted this gorgeous willow wreath will transform your front door.  A truly welcoming sight to greet your Christmas guests. Pollyfields Orange Heart Wreath £45

snowy heart wreath

Slightly more understated and a refreshing antidote to festive fanciness. Heals Snowy Cone Heart Wreath £20

eucalyptus wreath

Smart and Simple . Eucalyptus and White Berry Wreath from the White Company £60

john lewis fruit and berry wreath

Large, traditional and packed full of fir cones, berries and holly. John Lewis Premium Red Berry Wreath  £45

heart shaped brussel sprout wreath

Funky, fun and very christmassy, this fabulous Brussel Sprout Wreath comes as a heart or in a round but note, can only be used inside. £29 by The Contemporary Home  at www.notonthehighstreet.com

wooden bauble wreath

And last but by no means least, another twist on the traditional wreath theme with this Wooden Bauble Wreath by Gilbert13 at www.notonthehighstreet.com  £20

 This post first appeared on the Cambridge News website.

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In complete contrast to my restrained and tasteful White Christmas blog (see November 6th) I now bring you a colourful, festive and frankly unashamedly gaudy festive ideas – really, what is not to love?

Hang these deliciously colourful Christmas stars from The Contemporary Home on your tree, in the window or anywhere else you can find – the more the merrier!

Some of you are going to love these angelic little feather birds from Petra Boase, and others of you are going to hate them! Personally I love them. And they would be perfect clipped to the branches of your Christmas tree.   

From the same company, these paper ball garlands are an updated version of the paper chain classic. Pick your colours from 17 available and use as many as you can!


For a burst of festive colour, hang these woollen baubles from The Contemporary Home on your tree, or better still, in a cluster on their own for maximum impact.

Two wonderfully colourful and ever so slightly disco bauble options from Graham and Green – if you can’t pick between them, put both on the tree, in as greater quantity as you can manage!

And finally, there is no reason that your front door shouldn’t be as splendidly colourful as the rest of your house and this Christmas wreath from Habitat fits the bill perfectly.

Happy Christmas decorating!



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With Halloween just around the corner and the clocks going back this weekend, we thought we’d give you some fun ideas to light up your both your home and celebrate in style.

This blog first appeared on the Cambridge Evening News website

We love this image from Southern Living Magazine showing what its possible to achieve with a little bit of imagination, a sharp kitchen knife, a sturdy spoon and some fallen leaves!

 Alternatively, the High Street has some really reasonably priced and fun accessories. 

 Spider Tea Light Holders from John Lewis are just £3 each and a row of them along a mantelpiece would look great. 

As would this Spiders Web Lantern Candle Holder, also from John Lewis and priced at £8.  Really effective on a windowsill from both inside and outside the house.

If you are concerned about young children and the fire hazard of candles then these charming little LED lights make a super alternative.

Marks & Spencer has a great range of both stylish and practical party tableware which, if you are hosting a Halloween party for your children  would make life just that little bit easier.

However, if you are hosting a more grown up event then we love this quirky and very reasonably priced bottle cooler idea, again from Southern Living Magazine for cooling these all important drinks!

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Happy Easter from everyone at Angel + Blume!

Hope you have a lovely relaxing break. We will be back in the office Tuesday 26th April.

Image Credit: John Lewis

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