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A very Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a good Christmas break and are settling back well into old and new routines. At Angel and Blume we are all marveling at how clean and fresh everything looks now the Christmas decorations are coming down and with that in mind, I have been starting to think about freshening up our website.

We were very busy at the end of last year photographing a few of the projects we have been working on recently. One of the first to go up on our website is this beautiful central Cambridge home and you can see more images on the portfolio section of our website.

This spacious kitchen dining room has a wonderful view of the newly re-modeled garden and a stylish and practical table and chairs from Joined and Jointed looks great in this space.

The glorious sitting room window is not only a lovely place to sit but is also a huge sash window that pulls up to allow access to the garden – a discovery we were rather thrilled to make!

The clients had some lovely photographs taken by a member of the family and these worked beautifully in the study room along with a statement sofa and rug.

We love designing children’s rooms and this was no exception. Animals were a bit of a theme here including a rather fabulous Love Frankie Leopard Walk lampshade.

Watch this space for more projects to follow as the year unfolds!

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At Angel + Blume, we are always on the lookout for designers and companies whose work we admire. Cate spotted Joined + Jointed on a walk down the Kings Road last year and fell in love with their beautiful furniture. We recently were lucky enough to have a conversation with Samuel Chan, the founder of Joined + Jointed, were able to ask him about his creations and inspirations.


‘Campaign Shelving Unit in Walnut’ designed by Alex Hellum for Joined + Jointed


Where does the inspiration for your designs come from? 

If I had to name one thing, it would be wood – the material itself. I’ve loved working with it since I was a boy. I’m inspired by the fact that wood is a living thing that continues to evolve even when it becomes a piece of furniture, and the fact that we’ve made things from wood since ancient times but there are always new ways of working with it. Finding contemporary expressions for wood is a constant source of inspiration and challenge for me.

‘Busby Sideboard (Right Hinged) in Walnut’ designed by J+J Studio for Joined + Jointed


How would you describe Joined + Jointed’s philosophy when it comes to furniture design?

Seeking to establish and grow a collection of original, contemporary furniture design, made with artisan craft, offered at accessible prices.


You have a wonderfully talented group of designers and makers, how have you put together your team and what do they each individually bring to Joined + Jointed?

When I had the idea to set up Joined + Jointed, it wasn’t hard to put the team together. I was naturally drawn to designers whose work I’ve admired for a long time, whom I felt had depth and maturity in their designs. Of course we all bring a distinct design handwriting to the collection but we are clearly a like-minded group. I’d say most of us share a love of the material, in particular wood. And we are all interested in how furniture is made, which one might assume is a given but is not true of all furniture designers.

‘Lazy Little Table in Blue-Grey’ designed by Freshwest for Joined + Jointed


You recently collaborated with Kirkby Designs to create a special edition of the Trident collection, can you tell me about the process that went behind this collaboration and how it came about?

‘Special Edition ‘Trident’ Armchair in Oak/Yellow’ designed by Simon Pengelly with ‘Boost’ fabric by Kirkby Design for Joined + Jointed

Collaborations with fabric houses are always fun. A new material injects instant freshness into familiar designs. In this case, Kirkby had created an incredibly vibrant fabric series called ‘Arcade’; the graphics were inspired by classic video games like Space Invaders. The ‘Trident’ seating collection by Simon Pengelly – with their strong and distinct shapes – is a great match for that aesthetic, and Kirkby asked to upholster a few of them in the new fabrics for their press campaign. They turned out to be such eye-catching pieces, it made sense to produce a Special Edition series. It’s somewhat ironic, because Simon likes to be known for his ‘quiet’ design, and these pieces are anything but! Still, that’s what collaborations do – they create surprises.

‘Special Edition ‘Trident’ Small Sofa in Oak’ designed by Simon Pengelly with ‘Arcade’ fabric by Kirkby Design for Joined + Jointed

You have a lot of amazing experience with contemporary design, do you have any advice for someone wanting to take on a contemporary style in their home? Any dos or don’ts?

My personal approach is to invest in pieces I’ll want to keep. When my wife and I first married we sat on the floor for a couple of years until we could afford to buy Le Corbusier’s ‘Le Petit Confort’ – we knew that was the sofa we wanted, and we still have it today. So I’d say take the time to think about what you really want, and be confident about your own preferences rather than follow current trends.

‘Pallet Drawer System in Walnut’ designed by Samuel Chan for Joined + Jointed


Through Joined + Jointed we’re offering a collection of pieces that will last – in terms of design and craft – at prices that are within the reach of more people. Through my own studio – www.channelsdesign.com – I take on a lot of bespoke work and there is nothing like commissioning a piece of contemporary design for your home. The design process allows you to put your own thoughts into the piece – that gives it added meaning and you’ll want to keep it. Apart from giving you joy, investing in furniture that lasts is the best and most natural way of being sustainable.

‘Concave Bookcase in Walnut’ designed by Simon Pengelly for Joined + Jointed

Do you have any exciting new collections coming up?

Yes, Joined + Jointed has new designs and new collaborators being unveiled in the spring, and I’ll have new designs for my own Channels label in the autumn.

‘Wood III Chair in Walnut’ designed by Henrick Soerig for Joined + Jointed

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