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Thinking about storage for your home? Why not consider  having custom made units designed specifically for you. Before you rule it out as an expensive option have a look at our introduction to joinery below. Sometimes the cost of employing a joiner is equivalent to buying a piece of furniture from the high street, but the results can be even better as you end up with a piece of furniture designed to last and built specifically for your home.

This article first featured in Cambridge News

First things first, ask around to find a good local joiner.  Get recommendations from friends or ask to see examples of work a joiner has previously completed.

Next, have a think about exactly what it is that you want to store. If you measure the content that you need storage for this will give you an idea of the height and depth the shelves should be. This cabinet was designed for a client and it has glass shelves in the centre to display their collection of ornaments, bookshelves either side measured to fit their tall hardback-books and cupboards below for storing larger items and tidying away clutter.

The beauty of employing a joiner means that you can get a bespoke piece of storage perfectly designed to fit into the existing space in your home.  The shelves above for example, make maximum use of the available space.

When you commission a joiner make sure you get a full set of drawings first. A good joiner will visit your home, measure the space then draw up the plans for you to see how it will look.

And finally, consider the kind of finish you want, do you want a dark wood, a light wood or are you going to paint it? This bespoke storage cupboard was designed to display the owner’s collection of ties and has a smart dark wood finish which blends perfectly with the rest of the décor.

All images: Mark Box

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