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The Sid Dickens Studio recently sent one of their lovely Memory Blocks to inform us of their work, which we are delighted with!

Sid Dickens is famous for his striking Memory Blocks, which are collected by many all over the world. These curious and charming plaster art wall plaques are designed by Sid and hand made by the highly skilled artisans from their studio in Vancouver. They are a versatile piece for the home that can be used as individual items or placed together for a mosaic effect

With a long background in design Sid comes up with his ideas by experimenting with ancient symbols, natural textures and botanical themes, resulting in designs that are whimsical, nostalgic and striking.

Here are some of my favourites from a variety of his collections.


Fortress, Bygone time collection.


Teacup, Bygone Time Collection.


Fabled bird, Orient Express Collection.


Treasures, Orient Express Collection.


Heart, Orient Express Collection.

Dream weave

Dream Weave, Collection of Curiosities.

Tree of life from odyssy

Tree of Life, Odyssey Collection.

Water Dance

Water Dance, Daydream Collection.


Hidden Truth, Reflections Collection.

Winged sage

Winged Sage, Through the Looking Glass Collection.


Moment, Madeleine collection.

These are just a few examples of Sid Dickens’ work, so if you like the look of his designs his website and online store www.siddickens.com is well worth a visit!

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