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A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from Jessica Davies of EV Associates, who represents some wonderful companies. The collections were so brilliant we couldn’t wait to share them with you and I’ve chosen a few of my favourites from Les Indiennes, Guy Goodfellow and Volga Linen to show.

‘Seraphine Curtains’ from Les Indiennes

Les Indiennes is a fabric company from Hudson, New York. They produce naturally dyed cotton fabric that are made by members of a small town in Southern India. The company prides itself in using traditional techniques such as the ancient form of print making, called Kalamkari. All of the designs reflect their philosophies, and have a wonderful, organic sense to them.

‘Paisley Border Summer Bed Cover’ from Les Indiennes

I am absolutely in love with this paisley bed cover, despite the detailed pattern the overall design does not come across heavy or dense. It would make the perfect accessories for a bedroom if you’re looking for a change in style or ambience, and would look stunning integrated with some wood features.

‘Woodgrain Bed Throw with Fringe’ from Les Indiennes

This throw follows an abstract design taking inspiration from woodgrain. The combination of bright the bright blue and white creates a relaxed, contemporary look that is perfect for a laidback elegant style. I love all the designs from Les Indiennes; they’re a wonderful mix of Ralph Lauren meets William Morris meets traditional Indian designs, and overall they are rather special.

Another company we had the pleasure of being introduced to was Guy Goodfellow and his collection of stunning fabrics. There was a beautifully soft, elegant and welcoming sense to all his designs that would work perfectly with a multitude of interior schemes.

‘Fez Weave’ from Guy Goodfellow

This beautiful fez weave replicas traditional Moroccan embroidery, giving a gracious ethnic vibe to a home. Like the photo above, using the fabric to update a set of dining chairs is an easy way to quickly transform the look of a room.

‘Florentine’ from Guy Goodfellow

This Florentine pattern is oh so stunning in such a simple, yet effective manner. It looks lovely here as a cushion and would look equally as wonderful as drapery or a headboard.

‘Piedmont’ from Guy Goodfellow

This fabric takes its inspiration from an Italian Renaissance tapestry, and looks beautiful as drapery with the stunning border, for a natural, subtle look.

And lastly, a few from a company that we do know and love, the wonderful Volga Linen, who always put a smile on our faces with their fantastic products.

‘Large Paisley Linen’ from Volga Linen

This print is fun and diverse, and can be used in all sorts of ways, from seat covers like above to table linens, and as it comes in nine different colourways you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Range of prints from Volga Linen

These colourful prints from Volga Linen are absolutely amazing; the patterns and the colours work so well together. The prints include, Katya, Sirin, Marusya, Ivan and Ruslan, but my favourite is the Alyosha in Prussian blue, which is the central cushion in the image above. The print is a traditional Russian design and manages to have a perfect blend of heritage and contemporary styles making for an exciting outcome.

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There’s a simple beauty to all of Travers’ collections, as a brand they perfectly create a blend of laid-back elegance without being either too casual or ostentatious. Travers’ latest collection ‘New Classics’ brings modern, romantic patterns in bright refreshing colours making it the ideal collection for a home that needs to maintain a high level of functionality but also prides itself in its appearance.

Curtains and chair, ‘Merabu’

The Merabu design is a lovely floral pattern with hints of both the contemporary and the traditional. The pattern itself comes from an antique Indian block and is full of fantastical motifs that give the design an extra zing over designs that follow a realistic floral interpretation.

The five colourways of ‘Merabu’

Curtains, ‘Floral Trellis’, Armchair and footstool ‘Brione’

The floral trellis pattern that makes up the curtains in the photograph above is a traditional ogee pattern, which is influence from Gothic architecture. The fabric is a beautifully embroidered design that creates a wonderful, feminine floating atmosphere and is perfect for a relaxed setting.

Brione is a charming modern interpretation of a typical traditional coral design, the delicate nature of the pattern means it will add an interesting touch to a sofa or armchair without being too bold and overwhelming.

Sofa ‘Regency Stripe’

The regency Stripe is a fantastic elegant fabric, its textual nature gives it a luxurious, modern feel with the cut and uncut pile effect. It’s perfect for giving a regal edge to a worn out sofa.

Cushions, headboard and bedspread, ‘Carson Tile’, curtains, ‘Beaded Damask’

The Carson Tile is a stunning contemporary fabric that is suitable for dozens of different designs schemes. The modern geometric pattern creates long lasting style and is perfect for a guest bedroom or using in a quiet sitting area. It’s a light and breezy pattern that will immediately uplift any room. Another pattern that is just the trick for creating a light and fun atmosphere is the Beaded Damask, it takes the traditional damask pattern and gives it a playful edge with the innovative use of beads, and the two styles unexpectedly work perfectly in sync together.

Curtains, ‘Beaded Damask’

And finally another playful dose of fun and quirkiness from the collection, the safari skin combines three animal prints to create a subtle, contemporary take on the classic animal print craze.

Tablecloth, ‘Safari Skin’

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We were fortunate enough to have our lovely sales rep from Osborne & Little come into the office the other week to show us the new collections for spring 2016, and by the amount of samples we ordered you can tell we absolutely fell in love with everything! However what really struck a chord were the wonderful new Lorca collections, Aradonis and Aradonis Weaves!

There are some wonderfully bright and colourful patterns and colours being used that are sure to put a spring in your step and into your interiors.

Hanging fabric: Yolanta, back of chair: Loana, seat: Calina

The inspiration for the collection comes from the style, architecture and general aesthetics of the Eastern Mediterranean visualised in a modern, contemporary way. The collection sees Lorca’s distinctive signature colours including fuchsia, lavender, orange and turquoise mixed together with a new palette of apple, hyacinth, linen, saffron, taupe and black.

What’s so lovely about this collection is that each pattern is inspired by something specific, you can really imagine a designer’s journey through the Mediterranean and the places they visited and the things they saw. The ‘tree of life’ pattern in the hanging fabric above takes its inspiration from mosaics in a Byzantine Palace. The inspiration for the pattern, just like all the patterns in the collection has then be translated into a contemporary design with just the right combination of snappy 21st century colours and historical and traditional nostalgia.

Hanging fabric and cushion: Aradonis Stripe, sofa and base of footstool: Calina, top of footstool: Loana.

There’s a lovely sleekness to the Aradonis Stripe design and a sense of fun in the colours that gives the fabric a light-hearted nature. The fabrics in this photograph all take inspiration from various items of clothing, the stripe from the costume of a temple dancer, the Calina design from an antique Maltese belt and the Loana from an ottoman waistcoat.

Hanging fabric: Natalia

This beautiful floral design on a mixture of viscose and silk is absolutely stunning and is a fantastic way to do glamour and florals without the scheme looking dated or tacky. The design follows suit of a brocade spotted by a designer in a Cypriot villa, and is beautifully elegant, reflecting the rays of sun amazingly.

Hanging fabric (left): Fombelle, hanging fabric (right): Palatine

These two fabrics are absolutely perfect if you’re looking for something vibrant and contemporary to revamp a room. On the left, Fombelle a lovely embroidered feather pattern that also comes in a vivid palette of colour for a really contemporary look. Palatine, the fabric on the right was influenced by rope work seen at a quayside on Syracuse, Sicily. You can really feel the energy of the sources of creativity shine through into the patterns and designs, and knowing their origins helps to paint a rather enticing picture of a rich history for your interiors.

Hanging fabric and cushion: Palestrina, sofa: Calina

The Eastern Mediterranean heritage and culture shine through in the Palestrina fabric, having acquired its name from the ancient city in Italy. It’s a spectacular combination of regal damask design with modern hues in the background and is absolutely ideal for dressing up any room and creating a little Mediterranean getaway.

The Dolenia fabric makes a rather lovely finish, the beautiful silhouettes of the leaves overlapping one another is akin of looking directly underneath a tree in full bloom and seeing the sun beam through the foliage.

Hanging fabric: Dolenia, cushion and base of footstool: Calina, top of footstool: Loana

Another simply stunning collection from Lorca to feast your eyes on, we can’t wait to use them!

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The wait is over and Farrow and Ball have finally released their nine new colours. The new collection ranges from dusty pastels to warm neutrals and bolder colours, some bright and some dark. The colours are designed to integrate with Farrow and Ball’s existing collection as well as stand on their own, and just as you would expect from the company the colours are rather lovely and have that same English heritage feel about them but with a contemporary twist. So without further ado here are the nine gorgeous colours in all their glory!

‘Drop Cloth’

‘Shadow White’

There are three elegant neutrals in the new collection, Drop Cloth, Shadow White and Cromarty, each with their own distinct set of shades and hues. Shadow White is a wonderful soft white and Drop Cloth its slightly darker mate. The two colours work perfectly in sync with one another and are a suitable palette for those wanting a contemporary look in their home. The colours are a modern alternative to the already existing neutrals in Farrow and Ball’s collection as they have less yellowy tones in them, but also avoid grey tones, the ‘of-the-moment’ colour, making Shadow White and Drop Cloth contemporary classics.


Cromarty is a great colour choice if your room is in need of a neutral tone but you enjoy a subtle hint of blue as well. As the light changes throughout the day so will the colour of Cromarty giving you a quietly diverse paint colour.

The pastels in the collection have a sophisticated and muted tone about them, making each of them suitable canvas colours for a room, as they work in the same way a neutral does but with a fresh hint of additional of colour.


Peignoir is a dusty pink full of romance, but in a way that doesn’t overload and become sickly. It carefully maintains a dusty cool ambience and avoids the fatal ‘dated’ look, allowing Peignoir to settle in the contemporary category.


Farrow and Ball have carefully curated their new collection of colours not to be completely different from their existing set but to be the perfect companions and counterparts to one another. Each new colour has been created with older colours in mind to create a wonderful balance between the old and the new. Worsted is the middle-ground shade between Purbeck Stone and Mole’s Breath, and the subtle distinction between the shades can make all the difference in your interiors.

‘Yeabridge Green’

The discovery of the Yeabridge Green has a rather sweet backstory, the colour was found at the 18th century Georgian farmhouse when the house’s original gun cupboard was removed. Its avocado tones make the colour very ‘now’ while its backstory gives it that heritage vibe, creating a seamless balance between past and present.

The remaining three colours from the new collection are beautiful, bold colours. Vardo is a bouncy blue that has its spirit levels up in the skies. It’ll be great for giving a room that extra bit of oomph it may be lacking and rebooting a tired interior.


For a slightly deeper shade, the Inchyra Blue is glorious. It dips into many different colour families, blue, green, grey and whatever way you want to interpret it the outcome will always be a wonderful, strong colour that will make a statement if you want it to.

‘Inchyra Blue’

The final colour from the collection is a dark and moody chocolate brown, Salon Drab. It’s a beautifully rich, thick colour that is well suited for the all-four walls dark colour trend, it will create a wonderful cosy atmosphere without compromising on elegance, well suited for both heritage and contemporary properties.

‘Salon Drab’

So there you have it the nine new colours from Farrow and Ball, their timeless nature will allow them to combine with the existing colours effortlessly and we have a feeling the some of them may fast become your favourites!

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Farrow & Ball are releasing 9 new colours on 1st February, we’ve seen them and they are lovely!

Stay Tuned!

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We recently saw the new collection from Etamine at Zimmer and Rohde which is an uplifting, delicate collection with wonderful bursts of brightness against pure white backgrounds and delicious combinations of colours. Taste and elegance prevail as always, and although this collection feels perfect for the lovely sunny weather we are currently enjoying, I have no doubt that it will look just as gorgeous, dare I say it, when the autumn comes around again.


Bags made from Meli-Mélo, Après la Pluie and Nomade


Curtains in the wonderful Madrague


Archipel features tranquil undersea scenesEta2015_webRGB_12 (1)


Bedhead (above) and curtain (below) in different colourways of Nomade

Eta2015_webRGB_10 Eta2015_webRGB_19

Curtains in Week-End and bed cover in glorious Bel-Été  Eta2015_webRGB_20

Simple voile curtain behind in Cabotine with it’s lovely zings of colour.

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I saw two new, brilliant and very different fabric and wallpaper collections on Friday afternoon and the contrast between them highlighted their strengths beautifully. I know that some of you will love one and not the other which is what makes our work so interesting and keeps us hunting for individual expression at home – so, I’d genuinely love to know, which do you prefer?

The first is the Purity collection from Harlequin. I was properly impressed with this collection and I think it will be tremendously useful in our design schemes. It is elegant and understated in a very confident way and uses small amounts of colour in clever ways. For the price, you get a lot of class for your money.

Harlequin-Purity-Fabrics-02   Harlequin-Purity-Wallpapers-01  Harlequin-Purity-Wallpapers-06 Harlequin-Purity-Wallpapers-16 Harlequin-Purity-Fabrics-06

Studio Product Shots Studio Product Shots

The second is from Scion (which is under the same mother brand as Harlequin) and is the Levande collection which has created a decidedly different look. It is fun, there is a retro reference but it is up to date and it is different. I was really taken with this collection and I think it represents great value for money.

Scion-Levande-02  Scion-Levande-21 Scion-Levande-Wallpaper-05

Scion Spike

Scion cycles

So Purity or Levande? What’s your cup of tea?

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There is lots of lovely bold colour coming from Colefax and Fowler‘s collections at the moment which we are absolutely loving! There are four brands under the C&F umbrella and having had a good look through all the new collections recently, it was impossible to pick out just one to show you, so we are showing you a bit from them all!

Colefax Baptista Linen 2

Baptista Linen from Colefax and Fowler

Manuel Canovas Grimaud

The curtain fabric is Grimaud from Manuel Canovas

Jane Churchill

Fabulous colours from the latest Jane Churchill collection

Colefax Lucius

Softer, elegant colours from Colefax and Fowler – the curtain fabric is Lucius.Colefax cushions

More tempting fabrics from Colefax and Fowler

Jane Churchill 2

A fabulous combination of colours from Jane Churchill – the curtain in the background is Versus Copper, Plato Charcoal is the cushion at the front and sandwiched in the middle are Orion in pink and burnt orange.

Manuel Canovas L’Envol

I just love this design from Manuel Canovas called L’Envol – it is a work of art in itself! Larsen cushions

And finally much more contemporary fabrics from Larsen with some delicious sharp accent colours.Larsen

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I have been a fan of Zimmer and Rohde’s design for a long time – I think the look they create is wonderfully classy and stylishly different to other products on the market. We saw the new collection of fabrics and wallpaper last week and I was again impressed with their new creations. We are awaiting samples and I can’t wait to start using them.



The two chairs are upholstered in a wonderful new fabric called Tinto which comes in a great range of colours


Beautiful new neutral fabrics which include sequins (the black pattern on the middle cushion)


Wonderful mixes of colours are typical of Zimmer and Rohde


I love this Feather wallpaper which looks incredibly realistic (but isn’t!)

Wallcov2015_webRGB_02_4 Wallcov2015_webRGB_10_2

ZR_FJ15_webRGB_1 ZR_FJ15_webRGB_3 (1)

The beautiful Birds Feather fabric which comes on a grey background, duck egg (see cushion) and off white.

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We saw the delicious new Woodville collection from Zoffany a couple of weeks ago, when Spring seemed a long way away, but now that the sun is shinning, the daffodils are out and the blossom is looking as beautiful as ever in Cambridge, we thought sharing these lovely images with you was the only right thing to do. The collection is gorgeous and if you have ever been tempted to consider a floral wallpaper, now could be the time!

Nostell Priory Wallpaper Main_lr

Chintz Wallpaper Main 2_lr

Woodville Linen Main_lr

Phoebe Rose Lilac Fabric 1_lr

Romey's Garden Blossom Fabric Main_lr

Veranda Trellis Wallpaper Main_lr

Phoebe Peony Leaf Fabric & Wallpaper detail_lr

Woodville Plain Wallpaper La Seine_lr

Alyce Emb Fabric cushion detail 2_lr

Woodville Linen Fabric Main Portrait_lr

Nostell Priory Wallpaper detail_lr

Woodville silk Fabric and WP detail with lamp_lr

Phoebe Rose Lilac Fabric detail_lr

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