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As autumn creeps in, I am finding myself more and more taken by simple styles. An appreciation for straight lines, distinct colours and unfussy features are drawing me in, and luckily for me there is plenty of this on the high street. With the ever increasing influence of Scandinavian design there are many retailers who advocate a philosophy of simplicity, minimalism and functionality in their products. Here are some recent examples that caught my eye and that possess at least one of these qualities!




You can get these gorgeous ‘Dandelion’ tiles from Marrakech Design, a Swedish company based in Stockholm. They do a range of geometric tiles that can be placed in a number of formations. As well as being innovative and good looking they also come in a beautiful selection of colours.



The London based Hand & Eye Studio produce a small but beautiful range of work. Tom Housdon and his team work closely with their materials to create their exquisite designs.

This pendant ‘Blow up’ is a made from mouth blown glass.


‘Terracotta Medium’ is one of a group of glazed and unglazed terracotta pendants, from the Hand & Eye Studio



I have recently taken note of Folklore, a character full store that offer considered ecological and ethical design, that is simple and functional.

‘Ceramic Dip Cup’, handmade porcelain.



‘Pulp Pendant 1’, made from recycled paper from Folklore.



‘Gradient Cushion – Blue’, hand dyed using eco-textile pigments from Folklore




I love the grey tones on this geometric cushion that are subtly different on both sides.

‘Harlequin Geometric Cushion’ by Niki Jones – Grey Tones from Rockett St George.



Striking, stylish and tactile, this lovely cushion is a great burst of colour.

‘Embroidered geometric harlequin cushion’, made from Cotton & Wool, by Niki Jones from Rockett St George.



Lee Broom has designed these fabulous crystal Bulbs With the help of Cumbria Crystal, the last remaining producer of handmade English Full lead Crystal in the UK. They are both simple and glamorous.

‘Crystal bulb and pendant light’ from Rockett St George


group (1)

You can get this charming gemlike ‘Set of Seven Nugget Soap Stones’, by Pelle from Giftlab. Bold and original, they must be some of the most stylized soaps I have ever come across.



They are also available to buy as separate items.

‘Citrine Lemon Basil Soap Stone Rock’, from Giftlab.



‘Aquamarine Camphor Soap Stone Rock’ from Giftlab.


pelle_soapstone_rock_rosequartz_500x500 (1)

‘Rose Quartz Grapefruit Soap Stone Rock’ from Giftlab.

So sometimes less is more when it comes to design, and the simplest things the most satisfactory.

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