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I was totally enthralled watching Iris, the new documentary film about Iris Apfel, the interior designer and fashionista, which was made over a four year period by the brilliant Albert Maysles. It wasn’t just her fabulously dry sense of humour that I loved, or her energy which in her 90s seems almost unrelenting, or her great passion for the subjects that interest her, or her outspoken views which she unashamedly delivers throughout the film, or the wonderful relationship she has with her husband Carl to whom she has been married since 1949, but it was, of course, the glimpses we get of the interiors she has created which are as flamboyant as I had hoped and expected.

Iris Apfel

Many scenes in the film are shot in her New York apartment which is as lavishly accessorised as she is (indeed some of the accessories are accessorised) and inevitably I was dying to see more. Fortunately I found a wonderful article about her in a back copy of Architectural Digest accompanied by a series of luscious photos of the interior of the apartment which are below.

Architectural Digest 1 Architectural Digest 2 Architectural Digest 3 Architectural Digest 4 Architectural Digest 5 Architectural Digest 6 Architectural Digest 7 Architectural Digest 8 Architectural Digest 9

If you love fashion or interiors, or if you would like to know how to age well, I highly recommend this film. I will be getting the DVD as soon as it is out and in the meantime, a much larger pair of glasses.

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