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After many years of seeing mainly natural stone and neutral coloured tiles, we are noticing a welcome hint of colour returning to our bathroom walls – and about time too we think! Used in the right way, coloured tiles can make a kitchen, bathroom (or any other area you care to tile) rather gorgeous, so be brave and bold and get tiling!

This blog first appeared on the Cambridge News website

These turquoise tiles, coupled with a rather groovy shower curtain, bring more than a hint of retro to this fabulous bathroom

Topps Tiles Patina Matt ceramic Mint 31.9×31.9cm £4.79 per tile.

These beautiful hand decorated tiles bring a stylish Mediterranean feel to them to a room and work particularly well coupled with this wooden worktop and warm blue wall colour.

Fired Earth Andalucia Bodegas tiles £11.95 each 20cm x 20cm

For wannabe celebrities amongst you, the Elite gold collection from Original Style is the only way to go. These mosaics are a mixture of bronze, gun metal and real gold set in glass.

Original Style Elite Kasba £145.16 per sheet 32cm x 32cm 15cm x 7.5cm

Even better than coloured wall tiles, is a mixture of coloured wall tiles! These clever stripes of red and cream work beautifully with the wall of teal coloured brick shaped tiles.

Fired Earth Bon Bon tiles in Teal, Red and Cream 90p each

Using half tiles on a bathroom wall gives a good splash of colour to a tall room without being over-powering and is also practical.

Fired Earth Metropolitan Camden 15cm x 7.5cm 96p each

Tile your bar! These hand moulded tiles are called Funkadelic Carnival Pink (of course they are!) Groovy baby.

Original Style Funkadelic £9.46 per tile 15cm x 15cm

Glass tiles give a lovely glossy finish, particularly with stronger colours. These lime green metro tiles look great as a kitchen splash back.

Topps Tiles Metro Lime Green £5.99 per tile 20cm x 10cm

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