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As you may know, I am a bit of a DVF groupie (see blog on 31 May 2014) so I am rather thrilled to see her two new collections for the interiors market. The first is a new venture into interiors fabrics and trimmings for Kravet which is, as you would expect, full of vibrant pattern and delicious colour and which has a really joyful feel about it.


The second is a new collection of rugs for the The Rug Company which have a certain animal skin feel to them and can’t help but add glamour and fun. I saw them in The Rug Company’s Kings Road store last week and they are absolutely beautiful. DVF Python rug

Python Rug

DVF Lilac Leopard DVF Leopard Bark

Lilac Leopard and Leopard Bark from the new collection.

DVF climbing leopard

And I couldn’t resist including Climbing Leopard which is not new but which I love!

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The newly launched Bohemian Romance collection from Mulberry is absolutely gorgeous. It is all that you expect from Mulberry who have always been brilliant at plaids, velvets and prints in the elegant country style but they have added additional colour and some fantastic new designs that bring their range right up to date. I am really excited about this collection and can’t wait to get my hands on the samples.



MH BR 02

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Mandarin Stone are well known for their beautiful natural stone products and we are delighted to have a fantastic showroom in Cambridge manned (womaned) by a very helpful and well informed team, but what I hadn’t realised is that they also have the most beautiful selection of decorative tiles.  The designs are delightful and are coupled with the most wonderful colours and textures and I highly recommend a visit to the showroom to see them as beautiful as these pictures are, they are much better in the flesh.

4780-florentina-riad-decor-creme_verde-with-creme-gloss 2508-moda-oro-in-situ 2557-laccio-green-laccio-white 2813-tuscan-scroll_ivoire_vert 2815-tuscan-marrakesh_ivoire_gris ??? ???? 3850-laccio 4227-astratto-aquamarine-gallery 4776-delicato-terre 4779-crackle-glaze-menta-3

4034-tangier-decor-black-1 2558-laccio-pink

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Last week our Pierre Frey representative came to show us their spring collection for 2014, and we loved what we saw! Their Papiers Peints Wallpaper range is particularly wonderful, and takes the viewer on a cultural voyage, from depictions of dramatic Rococo scenes to stacks of colourful silk fabrics.


The ‘Venu’s wallpaper displays freely adapted scenes from works by Artists from the Rococo movement, Francois Boucher and Giambattista Tiepolo.


The ‘Jour De Fete’ is a fantastical display of wild galloping horses.


‘Ginger’ reproduces a late 19th century Persian painted panel.


This Trompe L’oeil, ‘Boheme’, depicts fragile bohemian glasses aligned on oak shelves.


‘Gaya’ is inspired by the ceremonial costumes of Rajasthan.


‘L’armoire De Marguerite’ displays shelves of beautiful fabrics, originally painted by Jean Pierre.


The exotic flowers that make up ‘Miami’ take inspiration from the beautiful Californian coast.


‘Bel Ami’ is made up of a charming array of botanical and wildlife illustrations.


‘Mauritius’ portrays the idealistic beauty of an Island shaded by palm trees.

The Papier peints is just part of the new collection for spring 2014, so be sure take a look at the rest at  http://www.pierrefrey.com/

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We recently saw the new collection Carlyle from Travers and we absolutely loved it. There is a wonderful mixture of elegance and understated luxury, eye catching pattern and delicate colours. They have also produced some superb lifestyle images to show the collection off – here are just a few to wet your appetite.





Trav14_webRGB_19_01 Trav14_webRGB_23_01




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decorex 2011 designers guild

As part of Focus 2011, I popped along to the Designers Guild store on the Kings Road yesterday for a press breakfast hosted by Tricia Guild who talked us through the new collections which will be hitting stores very soon.

decorex 2011 designers guild

As usual the store was a riot of colour, print and texture and was packed with lots of lovely products.

decorex 2011 designers guild

So what does Tricia have lined up for this Autumn? Well, texture is set to play a big part, with a new range of felted wools contrasting with luxurious silks and boldly coloured cottons.

decorex 2011 designers guild

I’ll bring you photos of these as soon as I have them but in the mean time, these snaps of the vibrant Kings Road store should brighten your day.

designers guild focus 11

All images: Victoria Harrison

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The Interior Design Yearbook 2012 is out now.  Packed full of inspiring case studies, gorgeous images and expert guidance from professional interior designers, it’s a must-read for anyone interested in design.  Writers include Jonanna Wood, Sally Storey, Tara Bernerd and our very own Cate Burren who was asked to pen the chapter on fabrics and textiles, as well as providing a case study.  Cate’s article is featured below and the yearbook is available here.

Trend: Fabrics and Textiles by Cate Burren

Fabric and textiles have always been a core part of an interior designers’ tool basket and fabric houses are quick to pick up on and reflect current tastes and trends. As a result, these textiles can act as a unique barometer of changing fashions and styles within our homes and interior environments, immediately evoking memories of childhood, reminiscences of bygone eras or recollections of people or places.

Fabric by Zimmer and Rohde

What is a trend?

There will always be trends in fabric design; styles and colours come and go in seasonal waves and fabric houses regularly present new collections. However, there are no fixed rules when it comes to following these trends. People often have an immediate reaction to a particular texture or pattern and each client’s choice will be uniquely personal to them. I find that this can play a key part in uncovering a client’s style; the type of fabric that they are instinctively drawn towards will tell me a world of information about their lifestyle and the look that they are after. As such, whilst I am aware of trends I will always consider the client and their needs first when selecting fabrics for them. It is far more important to me to ensure that the client has a finished home which suits their needs and lifestyle than a home which is filled with the most up to date products.

Fabric by Zimmer and Rohde

Current trends

There are lots of great developments in fabric design at the moment. Outdoor fabrics are looking better and better with products that really are weather resistant and there are some great voile fabrics on the market, especially linens that are so versatile and look fantastic. We are also seeing an increasing crossover between fashion and home furnishings, for example the Christian Lacroix collection for Designers Guild and the Oscar de la Renta collection for G P and J Baker. These collaborations are refreshing as they bring new styles and ways of working with fabrics to the interiors market. Colour has been gradually been returning to home fabrics after a prolonged period of beige and this trend keeps growing all the time. Probably as a reaction to our current austere times, consumers are also increasingly choosing the luxury of textured fabrics; tactile velvets, light reflecting sheens and fabrics with a touch of glitter and sparkle, which bring a bit of joy into our cost effective schemes!

Zimmer and Rohde

How to get it right

It is essential to think about quantities; the trouble with mood boards is that fabrics are presented in equal size cuttings but in reality you may use 40m of one for a curtain and 2m of another for a stool and getting the balance of different fabrics right is key to a successful scheme. It sounds obvious, but it is also important to make sure you look at a large piece of each fabric rather than a swatch when choosing. Cuttings are not representative of a whole pattern and a piece of cloth that you love or hate in a small piece will look totally different in bigger meterage and you may not have the same reaction.

Fabric by Zimmer and Rohde

Finally, enjoy the process! Choosing fabric is the fun part of designing a room; selecting the colours patterns and textures that will pull a look together and add the final layer to a scheme is really rewarding. The beauty of fabrics is that they can also be updated relatively easily as opposed to furniture or flooring etc, so have fun and be bold with your choices.

Image credits: Zimmer and Rohde

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