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William Morris famously advised that you should have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful and I couldn’t agree more. However, just occasionally I find something that I truthfully cannot really put in either camp, but which simply makes me smile. Whilst all good interior designers know that you don’t mess with William Morris, I also believe in breaking the rules and should you feel so inclined, I have a few suggestions.

Rockett st george flamingo

What’s not to love about a fabulous faux flamingo? – made with real feathers but the rest, thankfully, is fake

£49 from Rockett St George

Rockett st george Dancing

This perspex and red vinyl sign is a cracker – it’s a metre wide so it’s impossible to ignore.

Rockett St George £89

graham and green bindu cow head

Continuing the faux taxidermy theme that is rightly popular at the moment, I love this jolly Bindu cow head which looks like it could wink at any minute.

Graham and Green H.65cm x W.15cm x D.45cm £125

cole and son wallpaper 2cole and son wallpaper

This brilliant frieze wallpaper from Cole and Son features nine cyclists on a multi-saddle bicycle – surely this is the future?

7.5 metre x 52cm roll. £190 per roll

a and b furniture

Strictly speaking this sheepskin magazine rack from A + B furniture is both beautiful and useful but actually I think it is just such fun, so I included it anyway.


Vyconic guitar clock

Vyconic make all sorts of things into clocks, bike wheels, record players, guitars – and whilst a clock is always useful, I know that is not the reason you would want this.


flock-follies seat

I’m saying nothing……

Cheeky seatseat by Flock Follies £450

Roam Kapow blanket

Kapow Blanket by ROAM, made in gorgeously fine lambswool, for the superhero household, where William Morris is not welcome. £249

Impecable taste will be resumed in our next blog.

This blog first appeared on Cambridge Evening News website.

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