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A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from Jessica Davies of EV Associates, who represents some wonderful companies. The collections were so brilliant we couldn’t wait to share them with you and I’ve chosen a few of my favourites from Les Indiennes, Guy Goodfellow and Volga Linen to show.

‘Seraphine Curtains’ from Les Indiennes

Les Indiennes is a fabric company from Hudson, New York. They produce naturally dyed cotton fabric that are made by members of a small town in Southern India. The company prides itself in using traditional techniques such as the ancient form of print making, called Kalamkari. All of the designs reflect their philosophies, and have a wonderful, organic sense to them.

‘Paisley Border Summer Bed Cover’ from Les Indiennes

I am absolutely in love with this paisley bed cover, despite the detailed pattern the overall design does not come across heavy or dense. It would make the perfect accessories for a bedroom if you’re looking for a change in style or ambience, and would look stunning integrated with some wood features.

‘Woodgrain Bed Throw with Fringe’ from Les Indiennes

This throw follows an abstract design taking inspiration from woodgrain. The combination of bright the bright blue and white creates a relaxed, contemporary look that is perfect for a laidback elegant style. I love all the designs from Les Indiennes; they’re a wonderful mix of Ralph Lauren meets William Morris meets traditional Indian designs, and overall they are rather special.

Another company we had the pleasure of being introduced to was Guy Goodfellow and his collection of stunning fabrics. There was a beautifully soft, elegant and welcoming sense to all his designs that would work perfectly with a multitude of interior schemes.

‘Fez Weave’ from Guy Goodfellow

This beautiful fez weave replicas traditional Moroccan embroidery, giving a gracious ethnic vibe to a home. Like the photo above, using the fabric to update a set of dining chairs is an easy way to quickly transform the look of a room.

‘Florentine’ from Guy Goodfellow

This Florentine pattern is oh so stunning in such a simple, yet effective manner. It looks lovely here as a cushion and would look equally as wonderful as drapery or a headboard.

‘Piedmont’ from Guy Goodfellow

This fabric takes its inspiration from an Italian Renaissance tapestry, and looks beautiful as drapery with the stunning border, for a natural, subtle look.

And lastly, a few from a company that we do know and love, the wonderful Volga Linen, who always put a smile on our faces with their fantastic products.

‘Large Paisley Linen’ from Volga Linen

This print is fun and diverse, and can be used in all sorts of ways, from seat covers like above to table linens, and as it comes in nine different colourways you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Range of prints from Volga Linen

These colourful prints from Volga Linen are absolutely amazing; the patterns and the colours work so well together. The prints include, Katya, Sirin, Marusya, Ivan and Ruslan, but my favourite is the Alyosha in Prussian blue, which is the central cushion in the image above. The print is a traditional Russian design and manages to have a perfect blend of heritage and contemporary styles making for an exciting outcome.

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