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Film Friday is back! And this time we’re bringing you one very stylish office space from The Devil Wears Prada. This film is so crammed with gorgeous interiors and fashion that it was impossible to fit it all into one blog post, so for this film i’ll be bringing you not one but two posts full of delicious interior images.

First up this week is Miranda’s office at Runway magazine; this is definitely a fashion-worthy space. To start with you have that iconic New York skyline framed by large sweeping windows; paired with a totally impractical pale cream carpet and crisp white walls the whole space feels light, airy and literally on top of the city. Perfect for a power hungry Editor. Next up you have that fabulous glass desk and the leather power chair for Miranda to sit and glower in. I especially love the fact that the two smaller chairs on the other side of the desk  (for clients to cower in) are strategically lower than Miranda’s chair.

The whole scheme is monochrome, the only colour provided by plants  books and rows of perfectly lined up San Pelligrino bottles. Control freak? Miranda? How would you guess? The white panelled walls provide a suitably luxe backdrop and the deep windowsill doubles up as a window seat or bookcase. This monochrome scheme is further reinforced by the black coffee table just visible here with a vase full of fresh cream roses on top.

Guarding the entrace to Miranda’s office, the reception areas are just as understately glam, note the orange leather filing cabinets (Hermes orange for those fashion types amongst you) and glossy wooden desk. Not a post-it note in sight.

You know this isn’t your average office when Giselle makes an appearance as an office worker. The interiors really have to work hard when competing with supermodels and designer clothing at every turn; fortunately this gorgeous desk lamp and leather lined desk shelf are more than up to the job.

devil wears prada office

Yes there are some pretty gorgeous shoes on show in this image, but my eye is drawn to the cluster of framed prints and striking mirror displayed on the wall above the desk. And that drinks trolley (just on show on the right) is pretty fabulous too; a step classier than your average water cooler.

And finally – Just in case you’re wondering, this is a photo of Anna Wintour’s office (Actual editor of Vogue). Look familiar?

Image credits: Firsthouseontheright, Design wonderland, Celebrity Wonderland, Herald de Paris, bellegaiji, Film School Rejects

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