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I’ve just finished Kate Jacobs charmingly moving novel The Friday Night Knitting Club and whilst reading it, it occurred to me that all those simple pastimes such as knitting, crocheting, patchwork and baking, once considered old fashioned would appear to be having a bit of a revival, and homespun inspired interiors are following suit.

With this in mind, we have listed some of our favourite craft inspired interior ideas.  Probably best used in cloakrooms, children’s rooms and sewing or craft rooms, they are colourful, quirky and fun.

Set of Patchwork tiles from Welbeck Tiles

For a really unusual selection of hand painted (and craft inspired tiles), check out Ryantown.

Button and Badge Artwork from Hello Geronimo

Bobbin Table Lamp from Next

Cox & Cox Patchwork Rug made with laser etched cowhide tiles

We just love this wallpaper from Brian Yates Pip collection.  It is called Brocante and features vintage postcards of birds, flowers, butterflies and family photos made to look as if they have been randomly stuck on a wall.

From the same collection and illustrated with spools, reels and ribbons – this did make us smile and we thought it would look wonderful as the interior lining of your own craft cupboard!

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