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I am loving the snow that is falling in Cambridge today (give me a few days and I will think differently) and I am once again marvelling at how nature really is the best colourist in the world.  The snow is the whitest of whites when it falls, perfectly complementing the winter trees, green parks and grey skies and creates the most extraordinary light in both daylight and as the sun fades. All of this adulation of the snow has turned my mind to how lovely white interiors can be and in celebration, I am highly recommending the fabulous book ‘Living with White’ by Gail Abbott and Mark Scott which if you love neutrals is a must have for your library.

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With arctic winds sweeping in and snow flurries predicted over the next few weeks its time to batten down the hatches and make sure your home is winter proof for the cold months ahead.

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Make your home as welcoming as possible by lighting up front doors and porches  to guide visitors in from the snow (or rain). Stock up on salt as well to make sure pathways and steps are clear of ice and snow.


Prepare for a flurry of muddy boots by setting aside an area for damp clothes and shoes. If your hallway is carpeted make sure you’ve got a heavy duty door mat to ensure visitors don’t bring the outdoors in with them.

Graham and Green fireplace

If you’re lucky enough to have an indoor fire or woodburner stock up on supplies of pre-seasoned wood and kindling to last you through a few nights and store them in a smart log basket indoors to prevent endless trips out to the woodpile.


To ensure heat doesn’t escape under the door and out into the night a thick drape across your front door is very effective. Or, for a cheaper option, a draught excluder will help to trap heat indoors and prevent the night air from whistling in.


And finally, layer up. Heap lots of snuggly throws and blankets onto beds to keep them nice and cosy, ensure your windows are thickly curtained to keep out wintry drafts and pile your sofa high with cushions in rich tactile fabrics.

Image credits: The White Company, Fired Earth, Graham and Green, Lewis and Wood

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