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Every year, I make a point of going to the new serpentine gallery pavilion at Hyde Park, as it is always a fun and inspirational day out. The short-term, small scale nature of this annual project often leads to an utterly innovative concept and design. This year it is well worth a visit, designed by multi award-winning Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, the pavilion is a fantastic cloud like structure that acts as a climbing frame for anyone and everyone to walk and sit on – and best of all, this years’ holds a charming Fortnum and Mason cafe within!


Concept sketch.


Sou Fujimoto wants us to question the boundaries between built space and nature with his cloud like pavilion.



The pavilion ignites a sense of childhood, and acts as a climbing frame for all.


After an arduous climb, you can take a seat inside and enjoy a well deserved Fortnum and mason treat!

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Rock on top of another rock by Fischli/Weiss at serpentine gallery, Hyde Park

Situated on Hyde Park you can make a day of it, visiting the serpentine gallery and enjoying the park.

 With courtesy to the Serpentine gallery, all images used in this blog were taken from the Serpentine Gallery Website.

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