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Anatomical illustration is a personal interest of mine, and I have recently been grabbed by a variety of anatomically inspired domestic items that have been emerging on the high street. Besides having a role within the medical domain, anatomical illustration has an artistic merit in its own right as the human body form is a visually intriguing subject matter. Here are some examples that make the most of this theme, and that definitely make for some wonderful, if a bit weird, designs!


This Striking A3 paper art print ‘Skull’ is by artist Coulson Macleod at Not on the High Street



‘Phrenology’ is a fantastically retro piece of anatomical illustration that serves as gift wrap by Cavallini & Co, at Rockett St George.  Cavallini & Co’s gift wrap is extremely high quality and could even be framed to hang on the wall.



This set of 6 recycled glass ‘Heart and Head Tumblers’ are an amusing table piece, by Space 1A Design at Not on the High Street.



‘Supermodel’ is a life size, 10 plate piece depicting the human skeleton, and is closer to a work of art that it is to crockery!  Designed by Phoebe Richardson at The New English.



Rockett St George also sells a range of Phoebe Richardson’s work. This quirky ‘Skeleton Cup Stack’ is part of her Bone Collection.



Phoebe Richardson, Bone Collection, ‘Skull Dinner Plate’ at Rockett St George.



Bryonie Porter, Cornwall based artist covers furniture with wallpaper. This Desk is covered in skull print wallpaper by The Magnificent Chatwin Brothers, featured on the Anatomy Uk website.

normal_anatomy-skeleton-chest-of-drawers (1)

‘Anatomy Skeleton Chest of Drawers’ by Bryonie Porter at Not on the High Street



I have never seen anything like this reupholstered anatomy chair by Sam Edkins, part of a set sold at Cavaliero Finn. Gruesome or cool? I can’t quite make up my mind!



Emily Evans, professional medical illustrator, as well as anatomical artist sells a wonderful range of products at her Anatomy Boutique online. This ‘Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Wallpaper’ depicts the ‘Memento Mori’ – an iconic Mexican symbol of life and death.



Beware the Moon’s ‘Skulls Wallpaper’ features a contemporary gothic skull and crossbone, at Rockett St George.

Whilst we love all of these designs, we would advice that you do pick and choose your favourites, or your friends may worry about you!

This blog first appeared on the Cambridge Evening News website. 

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