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Although it may not feel like it with all this icy weather, the warm weather is just a few months away, and the spring collections are beginning to roll in. The new collection from Travers, ‘Love Letters’ is a wonderful array of fresh and light patterns and colours, and couldn’t be more perfect for spring.

The collection as a whole pays homage to original Travers brand and style, as well as classic American design. The bright and snappy colours are met with elegance to create a truly wonderful assortment to fill your home with.

‘Beaumont Indienne’ for the Blind and Tablecloth and ‘Sausalito’ for the Chairs

This vivacious Beaumont Indienne fabric is the definition of an eye-catcher. The vivid colours and lines give a modern twist on an iconic style, which make the fabric ideal if you like to add a little of the old and the new to an interior. Here it is matched with the fantastic Sausalito pattern, which is used as a more neutral canvas to house the punchy Beaumont Indienne design, but its mid-scale pattern still manages to hold its own, without the whole look being too overdone.

‘Emperor’s Seal’ for the Armchair and Ottoman and ‘Temple Lattice’ for the Curtains

The nature of Emperor’s Seal reminds me of the laid-back, open plan room decorated in a low-key, comfy minimalist style that you  might have seen in a design magazine from the nineties. The Chinese calligraphy, just a few shades darker than their background, are an interesting touch to neutral fabric, and is the sort of detail that adds a distinct sense of luxury. Paired perfectly with the Temple Lattice curtains, the burnt orange gives the whole look a sophisticated pop of colour.

‘St. Croix’ for the Headboard and the Armchair, ‘Catalina Stripe’ for the Curtains, ‘Sausalito’ for the Cushion and Footstool, and ‘Mason Diamond’ for the Throw

The glorious St. Croix fabric adorns this headboard to create a bold, feminine look in a bedroom, the birds and florals bursts out against the pink, and with a little additional piping the whole ensemble is really superb. A hint of texture is provided by the Mason Diamond fabric used for the throw and the crisp white teamed up with the array of pinks give the room a sweet and charming look.

‘Vermicelli Velvet’ for the Chair and ‘Belle Meade Stripe’ for the Curtains

The rich and textural Vermicelli fabric has a wonderful mixture of both contemporary and traditional aspects. The pattern is modern way of presenting a regal style, and the velvet and interesting colourways means that the fabric can be used in a contemporary setting, or used to update a traditional piece of furniture like the chair above. You may think using an intricate design like the Vermicelli with another pattern may make the fabric lose a touch of its elegance, but the royal stripe of the Belle Meade creates a perfectly curated look.

‘Lamour’ for the Curtains and ‘Astor Velvet’ for the Chair

The snappy green colourways from this photograph show how to do classic styles in an unexpected shade. The textural Astor Velvet used on the seat of this antique chair gives an idea of how to keep a harmonious look throughout a room whilst still including antique pieces. There’s an Art Deco touch to the Lamour curtains, the sultry gold intertwines wonderfully with the mossy green, making a glamourous display, proving that you needn’t just use dark hues to create a rich and romantic interior.

‘Beverly Velvet’ for the Sofa

The Beverley Velvet has a touch of retro style to it, the wavy pattern almost melts onto the sofa,  giving it a laid-back seventies vibe, which is perfect for adding some relaxed but smart style into a room. This fabric is perfect for giving a little flavour into a modern, contemporary space.

‘Cloisonné Embroidery’ for the Curtains

Another absolutely charming design from the collection is this rich but sweet pattern, Cloisonné Embroidery. It’s a rather special deign and if you like to go bold with your interior choices, this should certainly be up for consideration. The vibrant pattern maintains a feminine and soothing tone about it, which means the large pattern isn’t too overbearing for a room and instead will settle into a scheme in a natural fashion.

Next up is a playful take on traditional Chinoiserie, Happy Dragons is a fantastic pattern if you want to have a little fun with your style. The design has the perfect combination of whimsy and elegance, and mixed together with some fabulous colourways, the design is a must-have for contemporary schemes, or traditional ones that are in need of a bit of an edge.

‘Happy Dragons’ for the Blind, and ‘Temple Lattice’ for the Cushions

Finally, for hint of vintage Miami, this look is fabulous. From the limey greens of the Catalina Stripe to the limber paisley style of the Balboa Paisley, which could almost be mistaken for palm leaves, everything about these fabrics gives off a laid-back American coastal feeling.

‘Catalina Stripe’ for the Sofa, ‘Sausalito’ for the Chair and ‘Balboa Paisley’ for the Curtains and Cushions

Everything about this collection is calm, cool and collected glamour, in this vibrant array of designs there’s something for everyone, the only problem you’ll have is choosing your favourite!

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There’s a simple beauty to all of Travers’ collections, as a brand they perfectly create a blend of laid-back elegance without being either too casual or ostentatious. Travers’ latest collection ‘New Classics’ brings modern, romantic patterns in bright refreshing colours making it the ideal collection for a home that needs to maintain a high level of functionality but also prides itself in its appearance.

Curtains and chair, ‘Merabu’

The Merabu design is a lovely floral pattern with hints of both the contemporary and the traditional. The pattern itself comes from an antique Indian block and is full of fantastical motifs that give the design an extra zing over designs that follow a realistic floral interpretation.

The five colourways of ‘Merabu’

Curtains, ‘Floral Trellis’, Armchair and footstool ‘Brione’

The floral trellis pattern that makes up the curtains in the photograph above is a traditional ogee pattern, which is influence from Gothic architecture. The fabric is a beautifully embroidered design that creates a wonderful, feminine floating atmosphere and is perfect for a relaxed setting.

Brione is a charming modern interpretation of a typical traditional coral design, the delicate nature of the pattern means it will add an interesting touch to a sofa or armchair without being too bold and overwhelming.

Sofa ‘Regency Stripe’

The regency Stripe is a fantastic elegant fabric, its textual nature gives it a luxurious, modern feel with the cut and uncut pile effect. It’s perfect for giving a regal edge to a worn out sofa.

Cushions, headboard and bedspread, ‘Carson Tile’, curtains, ‘Beaded Damask’

The Carson Tile is a stunning contemporary fabric that is suitable for dozens of different designs schemes. The modern geometric pattern creates long lasting style and is perfect for a guest bedroom or using in a quiet sitting area. It’s a light and breezy pattern that will immediately uplift any room. Another pattern that is just the trick for creating a light and fun atmosphere is the Beaded Damask, it takes the traditional damask pattern and gives it a playful edge with the innovative use of beads, and the two styles unexpectedly work perfectly in sync together.

Curtains, ‘Beaded Damask’

And finally another playful dose of fun and quirkiness from the collection, the safari skin combines three animal prints to create a subtle, contemporary take on the classic animal print craze.

Tablecloth, ‘Safari Skin’

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We recently saw the new collection Carlyle from Travers and we absolutely loved it. There is a wonderful mixture of elegance and understated luxury, eye catching pattern and delicate colours. They have also produced some superb lifestyle images to show the collection off – here are just a few to wet your appetite.





Trav14_webRGB_19_01 Trav14_webRGB_23_01




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We caught sight of the fab new collection, Stanmore, from Travers today (thank you to Emma and Christian for coming to see us) and it really is a winner on many fronts. It is inspired by the designer’s trip to India and the exhibition by Norman Parkinson called ‘Pink is the Navy Blue of India’. There are some wonderful patterns, textures and colours in the collection which managed to feel very fresh and innovative, but still with a heartening nod to tradition.









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